Who’s This Bloke?

rob1robCan you identify this guy posing as a Matador and an Afro Rockstar? Well as per sources, this guy has made millions lately through his real estate deals. People say that whichever piece of land he touches, it turns into gold. Some Midas Touch this bloke got!

7 Replies to “Who’s This Bloke?”

  1. n55682@rtrtr.com says:

    Avinash Bhosale… Imtiaz Khatri… Sunny (Chakki Pising Bartan Ghising) Dewan? LMAO

  2. raam says:

    Mr R Vadhra

  3. FK says:

    What anyone does in their personal life should not be posted like this. These pictures are personal. Respect everyones privacy. Its ok that you write unsavoury things about people but theres a line you should not cross.

    BTW the first picture is not a matador costume, its a european military costume from the 1800’s.

  4. A says:

    Literally ROTFLOL
    What would Sasu Maa have to say about these pics?
    On a side note, Jack, How did u get hold of these shots? They’re absolutely golden!!

    What a great post to end the year on.

  5. Melody says:

    FK: Oh really?? F@#$ Yourself!

  6. AA says:

    Kejriwal should start with this mo#%#%#% but he does not have the balls to go head on with the most corrupt family in the country. This fu#er would continue to lead a lavish life while lesser mortals like us will struggle to get even the basics in place.

  7. Anthead says:

    Damaad ji ko mid-life crisis ka bukhaar lag gaya hai. European military costume rofl!!!

    Sunny Chakki Pising ka finally Chakki Peesne ka number kab aayega – they’ve already defaulted on loan payments – what are folks waiting for?

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