Have You Heard of ‘Social Denim’?

Is there any aspect of life that is not devoured by ‘Social Media’? Guess not! Now we have Digital Media Jeans.

The Replay Social Denim Keeps People Connected Via Clothing. The Replay Social Denim is made for those who have to stay connected every step they take. The Jeans 2.0 for today’s social media obsessed society, it boasts a vinyl pocket that is equipped with a small bluetooth device. This device connects to the wearer’s smartphone by way of an app to easily and immediately share updates with their social networks.

A simple click of the Replay Social Denim and the wearer can let people know their location and mood. It has a feature labelled the ‘happiness level.’ This allows people to choose between eight different moods ranging from positive to negative. Available in blue and black fabric, the Replay Social Denim comes in different fits including regular-slim or skinny fit for men and skinny or baby boot cut for women.


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