Hawala Kingpin Moin Qureshi Boasts He’s Untouchable

moin qureshiMeat Exporter Moin Qureshi is infamously an household name since Zee TV broke the story on Qureshi’s Hawala Racket. I was pretty surprised to hear that the ZEE Team that broke the story on Moin Qureshi’s nefarious activities were unaware of his whereabouts.

IT Bust_Moin QureshiWell on Thursday night Moin Qureshi was at Bunty Chawla’s daughter’s wedding at the Chawla Farms in Rajokri. Pretty sloshed, Moin Qureshi was the toast of the evening but our scamster boasted, “I am untouchable. They can’t touch me. Director General Income Tax (DGIT) has no proof against me.” When one talks about ‘authorities not having proof’ is unknowingly admitting his guilt. Wadddyaaa say???

Fashionscandal posted earlier about his second marriage in Dubai this year and him financing a movie directed by Muzaffar Ali where his daughter – Pernia Qureshi is to star. Moin Qureshi hob-nobbing with UP based politician is known to all. But he is a big name-dropper. Even benefitted majorly when realtor Ponty Chadda was murdered by his brother.

Let us see how ‘Untouchable’ Moin Qureshi is. Subrata Roy too thought he was ‘Untouchable’ but we know what happened to him!







12 Replies to “Hawala Kingpin Moin Qureshi Boasts He’s Untouchable”

  1. sang says:

    i remember in the earlier post u mentioned that theenew wife didnt bring in much luck… seems u were right like always 😉

  2. sang says:

    let me tell u it was lil hard to find the new address.

  3. Kaveri says:


    What happened to the site? Wasn’t accessible over the past two days???

  4. jack says:

    Somebody blocked my server and usurped my domain name.
    Things people do…
    Anyway I did manage to beat them and get back online 🙂

  5. Kaveri says:

    Seriously… Things ppl do… For a sec I remembered the basket case issue…. Thank God you are back….

  6. Colossial says:

    Finally I have found you Jack.Now days these people are attacking threads on other public forum as well.

  7. Kaveri says:

    Colossial: attacking on other forums? Meaning ?

  8. Sawariya says:

    Interesting story, Jack!

    BTW… what is the deal between Sweta and Nikhil. And Sanjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev?

  9. Colossial says:

    It means if you write anything against anyone against TV serials or bollywood the crazy fans and disguised PR starts trolling you everywhere and sends you hate messages.Its hugely annoying.

  10. God_Shareef says:

    I slept too much naaa
    GarrJun AamPaal ki kasam
    I had something and then I slept for sooooooo long!
    But now my senses are more sharper, bitter than cocoa…
    Accha listen you without towel Sawariya (above thinker)
    ChhuWeta & Nikkil zindagi kaat rahe hain, bas yunhi… ek saath.
    Udhar Sanjoy & Sharp nosey Priyaah mazaa le rahe hain, waisa waisa… alag alag.
    Chal better you dress up in your mozzah if incase you cannot be fitted in the towel.

    Aapki aaisi ki waisi ki mother,
    Aapki hi kambakhat, kuch peekar zyaada sone waali,
    Aapki/a God Shareef.
    Kya aapke andar ki god shareef hai???

  11. jack says:

    Sunjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev are living-in!
    The other couple are dragging on…

  12. dr says:

    jack,trying to reach u.

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