Who Are These ‘Dilli Darlings’???

A promo of a reality TV-Show is being aired on Zee TV, interestingly called ‘Dilli Darlings’. It’s a poor attempt to do a reality show on the lines of ‘The Real Housewives of New York’. The Promo or the Teaser is over-the-top and reads like this:

“Zee TV Dilli Darlings Contestant

Manya Pathak, Malini Bansal, Shaloo Jindal, Deepshika Lungani, Seema Gumbar, Pooja Dua and Sona Sharma will be part of the brand new tv show of the Zee Tv.

Dilli Darlings will showcase the lives of the richest women of Delhi. The tv show will feature all the drama in the lives of these people.

The Dilli Darlings will have a total of six to eight women in the show. These women are the social circle. they will attend the various kitty parties, Social, Gatherings, their families and other important events of the life of this richest women in Delhi.”

Ooh-lal-la…catfight amongst richest women in Delhi! While going through the names only one name was recognizable and that was of Shaloo Jindal. I was shocked how come Navin Jindal’s wife is a part of this show and that too with Zee TV. We all know the big fracas between Zee and it’s editor-in-chief and Navin Jindal in the infamous sting-operation. But on closer look, discovered this is some other Shaloo Jindal. (Probably a marketing ploy of Zee TV).

Shallu Jindal, well-known Kuchipudi dander and wife to Navin Jindal is spelt as SHALLU while the one in Dilli Darling is SHALOO about whom coudn’t find anything except what the promo describes her as – The Queen Bee. Here’s the teaser:https://youtu.be/QbvLHgfMkQo

If you heard of these rich Dilli darlings, enlighten me please.

6 Replies to “Who Are These ‘Dilli Darlings’???”

  1. Zdinata Reddy says:

    Good to have you back Jack.

  2. Fabulous Mom Life says:

    Ewww! I thought the Real Housewives series was scripted but this makes it look very real by comparison! Bad acting and OTT dialogues. Real Housewives fans will definitely not be attracted to this.

  3. snkABC says:

    Jack good to see you back.How are things at your end?

  4. NANCY THADANI says:

    Please remove the show Zee TV Dilli Darlings Contestant. The females “so called actresses” are so ugly and it is disgusting to watch this show and waste our precious time.


  5. vedika says:

    Whats the lowdown on them anyways?

  6. jack says:

    Paid participants…nouveau trash.
    Real Housewives seiries must be turning in the grave…

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