Delhi’s NEW Instagram Socialites

All hail the INSTAGRAM as it hands the supreme power to the fashionistas and the ‘lunching ladies’ to catalogue their new ‘conquests’, the new addition to their ever fattening wardrobe (By the way, have you heard of “Wardrobe Detox”?), the ‘IT’ restaurants they’ve been to, the exotic locales they’ve just been back from and yes, the who’s-who […]


Slugfest @ Grub Fest Involving ‘Lunching-Ladies’

It is beyond my comprehension how ladies can indulge in Slugfest at the Grub Fest. Come-on…food-fest is a happy occasion and in such a place a public brawl between two ‘lunching-ladies’ is a shameless thing to happen. Incidentally “Mrs Kapur Di Hatti” – Aparna Kapur got into a fight with her best friend. Wonder what […]

Splitsville Again! Queenie and Farhad Love Story Go Awry

It was the Summer of 2009 when the Lunching Ladies of Mumbai got split in to two camps – Anju Taraporewala camp and Queenie Dhody Camp. Had to be as Queenie stole her best friend – Anju’s husband, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Farhad Taraporevala. After behement denials Queenie eventually separated with Raja Dhody, her husband of […]