Splitsville Again! Queenie and Farhad Love Story Go Awry

It was the Summer of 2009 when the Lunching Ladies of Mumbai got split in to two camps – Anju Taraporewala camp and Queenie Dhody Camp. Had to be as Queenie stole her best friend – Anju’s husband, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Farhad Taraporevala. After behement denials Queenie eventually separated with Raja Dhody, her husband of fourteen years and started living with Farhad Taraporewala in a rented apartment. Farhad and Anju lived at Anju’s sprawling sea-side bungalow in Madhuli. Queenie-Farhad affair became the season’s hottest gossip and fed the tabloids for months to come.

Now comes the shocking news that Queenie and Farhad love story has gone kaput in just about three years. My reliable source from Mumbai also informs me that Queenie has moved out from the flat and currently staying with a friend. 

Now if that’s not shocking enough then just hear thisQueenie and Raja Dhody may reunite. My Mumbai insider says that Raja is very keen to get Queenie back. Wah, he must be really-really in love with Queenie to take her back. Poor Farhad has no such luck of reuniting with Anju Chulani as she has not only moved-on with her life but has also moved to London last year. 

What could be the reason behind Queenie-Farhad splitsville? Queenie aka Karminder Singh is undoubtedly a high-maintenance wife. Maybe Farhad just couldn’t ‘maintain’ her.

4 Replies to “Splitsville Again! Queenie and Farhad Love Story Go Awry”

  1. vish says:

    its true….your sources are good man….but there is more to the story will tell u in private…..good luck u are a good writer….

  2. shauna says:

    Is it also true about gautam thapar seeing charu sachdev?? The tabloids said priya but everyone knows she’s with karisma kapoor’s husband!

  3. Anthead says:

    Ha ha – karma’s a bitch! Wasn’t Queenie and Raja’s wedding a bit dodgy in any case? Raja never divorced his first wife and converted to marry Queenie. I doubt he formally divorced Queenie as well.

  4. ugggg says:

    Love your site. Dish out more details please.

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