TWO Splits & ONE Link-Up

Marc-Robinson-Waluscha-D--SouzaThis split-up story was first published by Miss Malini but in a ‘Blind-Item’ format in a cryptic manner. The couple aren’t that big a celeb pair that cryptic clues could have been deciphered by most. Anyway is unabashedly blunt and totally uncensored and hence would just state the facts that model turned choreographer Marc Robinson has separated from his lovely wife Waluscha D’souza, a former model too. This was coming as Marc was always seen dressed tacky to the ‘T’ and flaunting his wannabe female models . In fact I don’t even remember when was it last when I saw Waluscha and Marc Robinson together. 

Bhushan_Khushali KumarKhushali-Kumar-Nishant-AroraThe other split-up involves somebody from Bollywood. Well she isn’t an actress but she is the sister of one of the biggest producers of Bollywood movies. I am talking about Khushali Kumar, the daughter of Gulshan Kumar of T-Series and sister to Bhushan Kumar and Kishan Kumar. Khushali has separated from Nishant Arora, the doyens of Basmati Rice. The family of Khushali, Bhushan Kumar hasn’t taken this well. Kumars are extremely conservative when it comes to women in their family.


neelam_rishigunita sodhi_rishi sethiaqueenie-dhodyIf Khushali separated for the first time, Queenie is a pro in splitsville with two separations already in her kitty. She definitely goes for the guy who has enough moolah. After years of marriage with Raja Dhody, Queenie stole her so-called best friend’s hubby – Farhad Taraporewala. Poor dentist was dumped few years later and though she went back to Raja but by then Raja Dhody had become an Urban Nomad, globetrotting. Now Queenie has found love in Rishi Sethia, a London-based NRI who was married to Neelam Kothari years ago. Last few years Gunita Sodhi and Rishi Sethia were dating but then well-informed people say Gunita dumped him, while Londoners claim it’s the other way. Guess who would be most upset about Rishi Sethia and Queenie getting serious??? It would be none other than former friend Anju Chulani whose husband Queenie stole. Anju made London her home last year and if Queenie becomes a Londoner too, Anju will say, ‘Oh Gawd!’

By the way there is another splitsville in ‘Work-in-Process’ mode. More on that later.

21 Replies to “TWO Splits & ONE Link-Up”

  1. rohit says:

    Marc usually hunt for girls from miss india pageant which he directs and i know from one of my close friend who took part in Miss India this year–that contestants are tired of his sexual advances and double meaning dialogues,he tells them ! Queenie Singh– former model turns society butterfly has got roving eyes and in Mumbai cocktail circuit lots of women are scared to show their husband to her–ha ha ha-bhukhi aurat !!!

  2. tash says:

    the truth is that rishi sethia was dumped by gunita sodhi late last year and is still nursing his wounds and queenie is the rebound !!

  3. tash says:

    looks like queenie is rishi sethias rebound affair as gunita dumped him.

  4. jack says:

    And Rishi is enjoying this dumped biz as he is spending ‘quality time’ with Queenie’s BFF in her absence.

  5. DM says:

    Queenie ?? Poor Guy . Good luck to him.

  6. jack says:

    Only Gunita and Rishi would know who dumped whom!!!

  7. jack says:

    Couldn’t agree more…

  8. tara says:

    All of delhi/bombay knows that rishi was to marry gunita in december in Goa. She was going to give up drinking/smoking after marriage,maybe it was too much for her and everyone in b’bay society is talking about how rishi is madly in love with Queenie so its obvious who did the dumping. Hasn’t this happened to Gunita before with sanjay kapur who left her to marry Karisma kapoor at the time?

  9. gk1981 says:

    forget Bombay and delhi the whole world knows that rishi sethia has been dumped by many because he is a sycho and gunita did what her predecessors did and a long time ago.

  10. God_ShaReef says:

    Aye chhodo Guneeta/Puneeta & Bhookhi Aurat & her Botox’ed Butts…
    …Aye JD
    Aaj to FASHION SCANDAL should be talked about…
    Aye saala kahan se tum itta saara MASALA leke aata man…
    Total unadultrated!!!
    Aaj HINDI mein bolunga…
    Aap se zyaada dillcchassp angrezi koi likh bhi nahi sakta.
    Ye to Sabina SS bhi bolti thi.
    Saala bomb phhod dete ho.
    MazZzaa aagaya.
    By the way Khushali always nurtured a desire in her heart even before marrying this wanabe Arora and that’s so identical to Madhur Bhandarkar’s last big screen flop show’s title.
    ★★★ Bravo JD Bravo ★★★

  11. Anon says:

    miss malini is a bakwas blog. stale news. paid features. real masala maja toh yaha hai.

  12. asen says:

    Queenie’s lean phase is finally over! must be quite talented in there if she managed to hook up despite her haggardness

  13. vml says:

    Jack, since when do you rely on Miss Malini of all sites? MM is a blog dedicated to brand promotion and celebrity a$$ licking. MM has made a moolah promoting anything/anyone who can pay. I remember she even promoted Proactiv (anti-acne brand) actively without even doing the basic research that proactive is a complete suspect brand in North America.

  14. jack says:

    VML I did not rely on Miss Malini. I just mentioned that they did not take names while fs doesn’t shy away from taking names.

  15. God_ShaReef says:

    Arre kyun ro rahe ho tum sab milke Ms Malini ko
    Sacch to ye hai that all you crazy lickers you love to L2H2 Fashion Scandal.
    Even I too ♥♥♥
    (L2H2: LickLickHushHush)

  16. Anon says:

    Miss malini will publish any thing. such a sell out. nothing is off limits. even selling own wedding photos as sponsored by jewerey company. B and C list “celebrities” give exclusive interivews to that blog. paid chamchagiri. poonam pandey fans types read that blog.

  17. vml says:

    Sorry, Jack. I didn’t read that right. Apologies.

  18. jack says:

    Chill VML…every comment is valued input for me.

  19. SV says:

    Agree with Anon on the Missmalini comment.. the blog is a utter shit.. and no she is not a writer but a photo caption writer… a blogger who travels all the way from Mumbai for WLIFW .. and fails to write even on runway review?

    FS is not only high on scandal …. but the most prominent blog when it comes to crisp language on describing fashion and clothes…

    way to go sir ji

  20. Aicha says:

    Hi Jack,

    You ended on a note about another split in process… I get the feeling it could be about Shashi Tharoor & Sunanda Pushkar ……

  21. kate says:

    oh god met these two Queenie and Sethia. He like a puppy dog after this hag who has no personality and is very rude!or its probably because I asked her what her name was and what she did for a living which did’nt go down well!or she has so much botox and plastic surgery I couldnt make out what her expressions were. so forgive me if im wrong Sethia seemed pleasant.

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