Queenie & Rishi Wedding Plans Postponed Again

Rishi_QueenieLondon based NRI tycoon Rishi Sethia and his lady-love, Mumbai’s social butterfly – Queenie Singh are not tying the nuptial-knot anytime soon. First it was announced that Rishi will wed Queenie in February 2015. It got pushed back to June 2015 and now news is percolating that wedding plans are only in December of 2015. A li’l birdie chuckled that the bookies are laying bets on the odds on wether Rishi Sethia and Queenie Singh will ever marry.

Gunita_Rishitumblr_lvfmjbRbCj1qiw58hBoth, Rishi Sethia and Queenie Singh are believers in serial datings and relationships. Queenie is infamous for stealing her best friends’ husbands/boyfriends and Rishi too has similar reputation. Queenie married her then best friend-Rita Dhody’s husband, Raja Dhody. Then she fell in love with her best friend, Anju Taraporewala’s husband – Farhad and caused a split. Post a few years with Farhad, Queenie laid her eyes on yet another friend – Gunita Sodhi’s then boyfriend, Rishi Sethia. As of now she is going strong with Rishi. Who knows what future has in store!

thumb_neelam_Rishi Sethia-2Rishi Sethia too had his fair share of relationships. He was married to Bollywood actor Neelam Kothari. Post their divorce, Rishi hooked up with yet another B-Town starlet – Sophie Choudhary before going steady with Gunita Sodhi. While with Gunita, Sethia maintained his casanova ways and had flings on the side. Perks or perils of long distance relationship I guess! Now with Queenie Singh for a considerable length of time, wonder why Rishi Sethia keeps pushing the planned marriage.



6 Replies to “Queenie & Rishi Wedding Plans Postponed Again”

  1. Colossial says:

    Jack looks like they are in relationship for a sake of it.They never get married as both of them enjoy variety in life.

  2. God_Shareef says:

    Aye aye
    Dontttt (RajniKanthi Style)
    Dontt ever talj0k about Guneeta like “that”…
    She’s MORE happy with Kalyani Chawal… jahan biryaani dekhti hai, wahin jamm jaati hai.
    Mann kyun mehka, MONEY mein aadhi raat ko.
    Vishal behkaa… hoooo… Vishal behkaa ree behka, LAGAAKE, aadhi raat ko…

    Aapki deewani lallo, aapki hi apni khoosat kameeni, God Shareef…

    Kya aapke andar ki God, Shareef hai???
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Anthead says:

    Didn’t his marriage with Neelam break down because his family was unhappy with an actress bahu? Wonder how his conservative Gujju family feels about professional golddigger Queenie?

    And seriously – Queenie is way, way past her sell-by date at this point. She just seems like a fossil from another era – along with the Sheetal Mafatlals and Ramona Narangs of the world.

  4. shivani says:

    god shareeef ji kaha the aap?? apke comments ko bahot miss kiya……

  5. God_Shareef says:

    Sorry Shivani
    Main kisikaa ghar ujaadhne mein busy thi.
    Truth is always bitter na 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Yummy yummy

  6. OxfordLawyer says:

    Rishi Sethia is a trashy loser from London who has no goals, no values and no achievements. I am surprised any self respecting and decent woman would take him seriously. He’s a nobody without his Daddy’s money.

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