Now Queenie Does A Knicker-Flash

Queenie Singh_Knicker FlashI never expected a self-styled fashionista like Queenie Singh to get caught in a fashion faux pas moment. But then she did that faux pas by flashing her knicker, or should I say her Spanx.

Queenie Singh_Nari Hira_Knicker FlashQueenie is rather infamous for extensively using Spandex to hold all the jiggly flesh in place. Spanx today is one of the highest selling product in India.

Here you can see Queenie sitting next to Nari Hira in a sequinned short dress and flashing her knicker. High-time Queenie you give up short-dresses and wear something that suits your age!

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  1. ana says:

    this haggard fifty plus desperately needs to be advised on age grace and elegance. she just looks desperate and cheap.

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