Vikram Chatwal Gets Engaged To Spanish Supermodel

Vikram Chatwal, Esther CanadasHotelier Vikram Chatwal got engaged to the Spanish Supermodel – Esther Cañadas on Tuesday afternoon at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Chatwal proposed the model with a 8.5 Carat rock.

Esther CanadasBoth – Vikram Chatwal and Esther Cañadas had been married earlier. Chatwal got married to Priya Sachdev in 2006 while for Esther if this engagement matures to a wedding, it would be her third marriage. She was married to male model Mark Vanderloo in the late 1990s and then race-car driver Sete Gibernau. The couple split in 2008.

Lindsay Lohan_Vikram ChatwalTabloids were linking Vikram Chatwal to Lindsay Lohan and were rather surprised when news came in that Chatwal proposed Esther. Well they should have known that Lindsay Lohan and Vikram Chatwal are just Coke-Buddies!

Vikram ChatwalBy the way, Vikram Chatwal after confirming his engagement with Esther Cañadas Tweeted, “We changed our minds.” Only time will tell if all this is serious or just another coked-up couple’s rile!!!

4 Replies to “Vikram Chatwal Gets Engaged To Spanish Supermodel”

  1. call_a_Spade_a_spade says:

    Why can’t he just come out of the closet?

  2. Stalker says:

    Damn, a serious case of butterface/double bagging here.

  3. Anu says:

    that hotel mattress pic is hilarious!!!

    The more I look at it….the more I 🙂

    There’s bundles of cash under the mattress. There’s ugly fast food strewn on the floor, u.s. flag on the head, innuendo much.

  4. Desie says:

    More proof that money doesn’t buy class

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