Priya Sachdev & Sunjay Kapur Are A Couple & Indulging in PDA Too

Well the whole town knew that Priya Sachdev (Priya and Vikram Chatwal are officially divorced now) is dating the much-married Sunjay Kapur (better known as Karisma Kapoor’s hubby) but they denied and often came out with statements in the Press that all is hunky-dory between Sunjay and Karisma.

The much-in-love couple – Priya and Sunjay earlier used to make separate entries to a party and also make separate exits. But last Saturday at Gaurav Karan’s party, Priya and Sunjay Kapur were like teeny love-birds. All through the night they wouldn’t leave each other’s hands and often get lost into each other’s eyes. If I believe my sources Priya has moved in with Sunjay Kapur.

So now what’s Karisma Kapoor gonna do? Still claim all is perfect between her and Sunjay Kapur? A marriage doesn’t fail because of  the man or the wife. Both are equally responsible. Informed sources believe that Karisma married Sunjay Kapur on a rebound after her marriage alliance with Abhishek Bachchan fell through. I got lot of calls and that gave me tons of information. Babita, mother of Karisma and Kareena is a very interfering mom. Be it film producers, directors, boyfriends or a husband, Babita often rubbed them on the wrong side. Karisma though married in Delhi never really could give up Mumbai. And the addiction of Bollywood is something that stars can hardly give up. Probably her plans of rejoining Bollywood was too soon post marriage and motherhood. I would say Madhri Dixit Nene timed the Bollywood allure well. She is making her comeback only after her kids are grown up and family life is on a smooth track. Karisma sure did make a hasty return. Resultant her Bollywood return bombed disastrously and marriage is in the docks. It may not have been easy for Sunjay Kapur to comeback to an empty house month after month.

Anyway I am no marriage counsellor and the love birds – Priya and Sunjay were spotted last night at The Library Bar in Leela. This time the duo made separate exits once they discovered many shutterbugs were around. Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya???

4 Replies to “Priya Sachdev & Sunjay Kapur Are A Couple & Indulging in PDA Too”

  1. Sang says:

    how many marriages are on the card for this man, Just wondering ….

  2. Sunshine says:

    I read that Karishma is a total doormat and lets her mom make decisions….well…there babita..what d’ya say know…..KK should kick this guy to the crub, lawyer herself up and take him for all his worth…go KK… do what Katie did to TomCruise

  3. sunita says:

    sanjay k, has drug and womanizing addiction.
    This time he fell for the right woman – they are both trashy.
    she is ugly, with big lisps,
    I cant believe how stupid this woman is, how she can trust this man with her young daughter. Pretty soon she is going to get old, wrinkly and her daughter gonna be a teen ager., besides the jerk doesnt take care if his own kids, how he is gonna take care of someone elses child.
    in the last two years, I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM WITH HIS KIDS, NOT EVEN ONCE.

  4. Alex says:

    When celebs do ploygamy no one cares to being religion in question. But when in contrast everyone bark …….
    This is fact of nature accept ISLAM and be happy and let others be happy !

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