Vikram Chatwal Has Lost It

chatwal-perpetratorsean-kellymarina_abramovic-seankelly-gallerysean-kelly-galleryVikram Chatwal in a fuming rage attacked his neighbor – gallerist Sean Kelly’s dogs with a cigarette lighter and an aerosol can in New York on Monday afternoon. The Jack Russell pooches, seven-year-old Molly and Finn, were being taken for an afternoon walk in Soho, New York by Kelly’s dog walker Isabell Suquilanda when Chatwal ran out of his house stating that the dogs, “must die.”

Utterly upset, Sean Kelly told NY tabloids from Spain (where he is on business), “This guy is dangerous and shouldn’t be on the streets, Anybody who attacks a defenseless animal in my opinion is the lowest of the low.” Chatwal should join the Kerala gang who are culling stray dogs!

Substance abuse has fried Vikram Chatwal’s brain! What else explains him raving about his house being infected with bugs. Isabell, the celebrated dog walker of Kelly’s pooches had just come downstairs to take the dogs out for their midday walk when Chatwal attacked her and the dogs. Vikram was being investigated on Monday for possible animal cruelty after the alleged incident. Kelly said cops told him the 44-year-old will likely be charged on Tuesday. “We will be asking for the fullest charges to be brought against him and we want a restraining order against him as well,” Kelly said. “This way, he can’t come near our home or our animals.”

9 Replies to “Vikram Chatwal Has Lost It”

  1. Sunny says:

    This guy is out of order forever.. nobody can save him.. not even his money..

  2. Delhi girl says:

    Jack tell us what vaani has done to her face!! She looks like the riddler in the befikre trailer!!

  3. Sayali says:

    Chatne layak bhi nahi raha?? Too funny Jack!

  4. Kst says:

    huffpost India has this story on web today: you’re the first one as usual Jack!

  5. jack says:

    Hi Kst,
    I am happy that at least you noticed it. I am sick and tired of big newspapers and magazines and TV Channels lifting stories and not even giving credit.
    It happened with the news of Pam Godrej’s death. I broke the story and the timeline proves it. I mentioned the cause of death -‘degenerative lung disease’ and every media avenue used it. I challenge if they can disclose where did they find out the cause from (besides fashion scandal); which doctor did they speak with or who from the Godrej family revealed the cause. In fact I made a direct request to the owner of India Today Group (they own Huffpost, India too) but nothing changed. These media houses are too arrogant to give credit to small-fry like me or they are too embarrassed to give credit to a website called ‘fashionscandal’…
    I live with it and happy that people like you notice it.
    Such is life dear….

  6. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Jack My friend don’t let that deter you. The universe is watching everything and taking note of it. You shall be paid back in one currency or another. Keep doing good anyway. People may ask what good are you doing by exposing certain truths/gossip, so on and so forth? Tell them you are trying to do justice to your given responsibility – which is journalism.

    By way of fashion scandal you are giving a chance to people to get a sneak peak into certain celebrated/entitled lives and giving people like me a way to express our views and not quashing it like other forums! It doesn’t mean the people or events that you report on are all bad/evil. I’ve seen you point out the good too and I believe too that there’s some good in everyone and some bad is needed to survive in today’s world 🙂

  7. nefarious says:

    Guys, Jack, any truth to the ranbir – aish affair, or is it all PR for upcoming film?

  8. Kst says:


    It’s because of people like you that we can still believe in authenticated stories.
    These media house know only one thing: race. They don’t mind playing dirty… and you’re right… they’re too arrogant ?
    Sad the fourth pillar of democracy has caught a degenerative disease….
    But kudos… for your determination and courage!

  9. jack says:

    thanks u
    made my day

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