Adieu Parmeshwar Godrej

11421510-cms13517776-cms17332354-cms22044417-cmsParmeshwar Godrej – the true-blue socialite of India passed away at Breach Candy hospital last night. She was suffering from a degenerative lung disease for the past few years. Rest in Peace PAM. You leave behind a sophisticated legacy.

Parmeshwar flew as air -hostess in Air India and it is here where she met Adi Godrej. Those were the days when air-hostesses were real divas. Hope Adi and the family get the strength to bear this huge loss.

PAM you were the real socialite! RIP!!!

fs-1st-on-rip-parmeshwar-godrejPS: This is for those who called the news ‘hoax’ just because FS broke the news. Here is a report from Twitter that proves that this story was the first one before it started trending. I broke it, rest copied it!

5 Replies to “Adieu Parmeshwar Godrej”

  1. Shalaka I says:

    This is a hoax! How irresponsible

  2. Rohit says:

    RIP. Jack is sabeer bhatia getting married again?

  3. Bittu says:

    The current lot of socialites maybe a worse lot, but she was nothing to look up to either. Didn’t she just stand by while Zeenat Aman was beaten black and blue at her party? She continued to hobnob with the culprits too, didn’t she? Anyway, condolences to her family.

  4. radha says:

    No news of her being ill, and she’s dead and cremated already!

  5. jack says:

    Dear Shalaka,
    Hope now you believe the news. Now we are not irresponsible and we don’t believe in hoaxes.
    Fashionscandal was the first to break this sad news…at 5:20am on 11th October 2016.

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