Nita Ambani Desperately Seeking To Be Mumbai’s THE Soiree Hostess

The United Nation (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s four-day India visit started at New Delhi and concluded in Mumbai at Antilla, which Ratan Tata aptly described in an interview with The Times London as an example of rich Indians’ lack of empathy for the poor. Nita Ambani hosted a soiree for Ban Ki Moon at Antilla where Bollywood stars hob-nobbed with him. What was the purpose behind it all Madam Ambani? A soiree at India’s most extravagant house with millionaire Bollywood stars as guests doesn’t fit with Ban Ki Moon’s mission. Ambanis don’t have a reputation of being philanthropists. Reliance Newsletter however claimed, “Development of health conditions for women and children – a topic rather close to Nita Ambani’s heart.”

UN Secretary General’s India visit focused on Infant mortality and health conditions of Women and Children amongst other geo-political issues. I am shocked how UN Secretary General’s PR Machinery okayed Ban Ki Moon attending a party hosted by the wife of India’s richest capitalist and that too at Antilla, an edifice of ugly wealth.  “It makes me wonder why someone (Mukesh Ambani) would do that (build the 27-storey home – Antilla). That’s what revolutions are made of,” Tata said in an interview to The Times, London, when asked about Ambani’s house. The Times had asked Tata the question in the context of widening income inequalities in India.

Parmeshwar Godrej is the queen of soirees hosted for the visiting foreign dignitaries. Be it Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere or Oprah Winfrey, Pam was the hostess with the mostest! Nita Ambani has been vying for this status for long. I can understand the Ambanis hosting a celebration for Sachin’s hundredth century at Antilla. But hosting Moon at Antilla and parading Bollywood glitter is typical ‘Cocktail Charity’ – where money bags sip Dom Perignon and eat out of customised Rosenthal crockery and shed crocodile tears about the plight of the poor.


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  1. radha vyas says:

    Well said Ratan Tataji,
    Ambanis do not come from the House of Jains and House of Tatas, the brothers and their 2 wives come from one room households, that is why they have this complex and they flaunt their wealth. And they are not like their famous father Dhirubhai Ambani at all, and I am sure he knew that both his sons and the respective wives for pretty useless too. Such a sad state of affairs …,

  2. Raconteur says:

    Can you cite the weblink to the Ratan Tata article please?

  3. Mohini says:

    its atrocious show of money…. Ambanis need to calm it down

  4. VK says:

    Nice piece Jaydeep. While everyone has the right to build their dream home, its shocking why the UN Secretary General would want to go there– its not part of his work agenda. Reliance, is, has and will be a company with no values.

  5. rohan says:

    Well the Bollywood brigades whom madam Nita Ambani paraded in front of
    Un Secretary General for a coctail at her super-rich Antilla –may not even know who is he or for what mission he is visiting India.
    Its high time Ambanis should restrict themselves to those rich people CIRCUS call IPL rather than poking their long and dirty noses in each and every activities for publicity.
    A suggestion to Mr. Mukesh and Nita Ambani–how about inviting few street children who languishes in the street of Mumbai for a dinner at Antilla. that will be like an well appreciated acts.

  6. je kiffe cet article 🙂

  7. relicangve says:

    Can they beautify their surrunding by creating jobs to poor and improved sanity, housing and greenary. Charity can being around house.

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