Will The Salgaocar Wedding Beat The Reddy Wedding In OPULENCE?

raj_deepti_and_isheta_salgaocar_with_neeshal_modi_5cisheta_neeshalRaj and Dipti Salgaocar’s daughter, Isheta is tying the nuptial knot with jeweler Neeshal Modi on the 4th of December in Goa. Salgaocars are one of the India’s richest and add to that the power of Ambanis. Dipti is the sister of Mukesh and Anil Ambani. Neeshal Modi is the youngest brother of Nirav Modi, a jeweler whose stupendous rise has left many speechless. Isheta and Neeshal got engaged on the 10th of April 2016. It’s a love cum arranged marriage.

ranveer_srk_nita_deepikaash_abhishek_tina_anilIn the times of demonetization when Aam Aadmi is haplessly doing lackluster weddings of their sons and daughters, the tycoons are still going all out in living-up the ‘Big-Fat-Desi-Wedding’ norm. The party hosted by Nita and Mukesh Ambani at Antilla for their niece, Isheta goes to prove it. The entire Bollywood landed up at Antilla on the 24th of November. It marked the kick-off of week-long celebration leading up to the wedding on the 4th of December at the Salgaocar-owned Goa Marriott Resort & Spa.

shraddhaThe infamous Rupees 500 Crore wedding of Janardhan Reddy attracted flack, Income Tax notices and and a diktat from BJP President, Amit Shah asking BJP politicians to give the Reddy wedding a skip. Will BJP President issue a similar diktat for Salgaocar wedding? I have my doubts. Neeshal Modi who is in the diamond business is going to slip on a ring with such a huge rock that hasn’t yet been seen on any rich woman’s finger.

Here is the video (courtesy Biscoot) of glittery guests walking into Nita and Mukesh Ambani’s party. Just listen to the chatter of the paparazzi…absolutely humorous: https://youtu.be/nSWtDkpnv1A


7 Replies to “Will The Salgaocar Wedding Beat The Reddy Wedding In OPULENCE?”

  1. McDonalds says:

    I am not saying Nita Ambani has had botox injections but she does have that surprised look, quite a lot…!!

  2. sakina says:

    you can clearly see how caste system is dominant in indian society. rich punjabi khatris marrying rich baniyas etc… although brahmins must be feeling bad that in this new India khatriyas/vaishyas have clearly left them behind … at one point of time ancient india marrying a brahmin was a thing of prestige today noone gives a damn about them!!!!!

  3. Colossial says:

    I am looking forwards towards Isheta’s jewellery. I doubt they will spent 500 crores over the wedding. Expect the biggest and richest celebs in this wedding. I expect all top political leaders( excluding AAP) in this wedding.

  4. Jaanu says:

    So sad that we Indians are stupid and gullible. Fraudster Modi and BJP are here to loot India, divide us in the name of religion and create hatred ?

  5. Observer says:

    May I ask what the hell this ancient mindless term ‘ luv come arrange marriage ‘ means?
    It is either a love marriage where the girl and boy have met on their own and had fallen in love and then bring in their families to arrange tieing of the knot. And then there is arrange marriage where families introduce the girl and boy to each other.
    Love marriage doesn’t mean you fall in love and then run away to get married and thus it doesn’t automatically become so called love cum arranged just because you chose not to elope and have your families arrange all the big wedding party hoopla.
    Choose to say either love marriage or arrange marriage.
    Love marriage doesn’t mean eloping.
    At the same time please don’t try to add more dignity and traditionalism to indian love marriages by calling them ‘love come arranged’.
    Just an opinion nothing against your writing style.
    Always love, respect and appreciate your writing style and your articles.

  6. Ndt says:

    @observer … ok :)))))

  7. Hmm.. says:

    @Observer haha I liked what you wrote. But this term is used to mean that either girl or boy chosen their own partner and parents agreed. There are love marriages that happen with “proper functions” unlike sad elopements or register marriages but one or the both parties’ parents missing. They are called the so called love cum arranged marriages. So India has so many combinations. So they use this term to mean they are so independent that they chose their partners their own selves and their parents are so cool type. Nothing wrong in there but yeah it’s hilarious.

    Worst version was when a certain high dowry state guy was engaged to a girl as part of such a love cum arranged marriage with 18 lakh dowry. And the genius guy got an opportunity to work in US for some moths so his dowry was upgraded to 25 lakh. When a colleague narrated it I could not puke hearing this. That’s how much retarded whole thing can get.

    I have had friends where they got married lonely with only friends at registrar’s office with heavy family rebellion.. then heard of marriages where one parent agreed and others where both agreed etc..

    But most hilarious marriage I heard was in my maternal grand parents village as a kid. These villagers have such awesome sense of humor. So they told me about a instant marriage during a summer vacation almost twenty years ago. They called it exactly instant marriage in English. May be due to Maggie’s popularity or ads.

    So there was this dwarf girl in their village (I have seen her) who was never married and turned thirty or something. Some relative guy secretly visited her often and they were having an affair as she used to manage to sneak out in the night or something. They had some room or two doors for their house. The family has observed it secretly and one fine day they were all prepared with mangalsutra and everything and caught them red handed and got the guy married to this girl in front of some witnesses in the middle of the night keeping heavenly gods as another set of witnesses under wonderful moonlight.. shown all the stars that were visible whether or not Arundhati star as part of ritual.. guy was made sure to understand that he should be thankful he is not beaten to be disabled(may be he preferred beating better than instant marriage I guess ?).. and rest of the village next day saw this dwarf women going on a cycle all decked up as a cute bride all shy and happy that she got married on this so called land of India which seemed to offer no future or no freedom back then. So later the villagers heard guy managed to bear the brunt of his first wife and accept this dwarf woman as his second wife. And villagers heaved a sigh of relief that this girl could marry or else in that India and in that village she was just meant to live a sad or secretive life and die.. and they were so proud that how bravely they did this instant marriage with wisdom.. and how many other villagers woke up to see a couple going on a cycle, a historical moment that was almost like the moment Managalyan entered Mars orbit.. how others missed it waking up late.. I can’t stop laughing about the way it was narrated and the way it shows that despite all things about cultural barriers and idealisms, in a close knit environment humans care for each other.. Chalo uski life bangayi aur that man learnt to take responsibility and never visited anyone else I guess.. ?

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