On-Your-Face Opulence

sushma-swaraj_reddy-brosjanardhan-reddyWhen we talk about the ‘Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding’, invariably the mind drifts to opulent weddings of wealthy families from Northern India. Things have changed when it comes to obscenely extravagant weddings in India as Southern India – the wealthy families from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra have set the bar higher for extravagant weddings. The infamous mining barons – the Reddy brothers are spending Rupees 200 Crores on Janardhan Reddy’s daughter – Brahmani’s wedding with Rajeev Reddy on November 16.

reddy-familyJanardhan Reddy spent more than three years in jail in connection with the Bellary illegal mining case. He was released on conditional bail on January 22, 2015, by the Supreme Court. Reddy was also a minister in the Karnataka cabinet during BJP rule and the family is very close to Sushma Swaraj, the MEA in the present Government.

invite-box_reddysrk_katThe wedding invitation comes with a huge box that has a LCD Screen on the lid. As you open the box, a video starts playing on the screen. The video features Reddy, his wife, Brahmani and the groom Rajeev Reddy. Janardhan Reddy and his wife are lip-synching to a Kannada song that seems straight out of a film. The song was specially composed for the wedding. Here are the links of the ‘Invitation Video‘: https://youtu.be/rHRQEPxAu74

Shah Rukh Khan, Prabhudeva, Tamannah and Katrina Kaif will perform at the wedding. https://youtu.be/3TgCeDmE6UI


18 Replies to “On-Your-Face Opulence”

  1. 5hrut1 says:

    Out On conditional bail and spending so much ! Btw the first pic is hilarious 😉

  2. SG says:

    lol.. Karnataka politicians are all crooked. I’m from Bangalore and so understand what is being said. Cant stop laughing at his acting & hypocrisy!!! It looks like a cheap TV ad!!!!

  3. vandana vadehra says:

    lol good one Jack!

  4. CurrentNews says:

    They are the absolute laughing stock of everyone who’s seen the video. Kinda feel bad for them. So much money, so little taste.

  5. Colossial says:

    Money can never buy class.

  6. shanaya says:

    Jack, whats the story with Lisa Haydon? She’s married the richest handsome sindhi in the world. How did she manage it

  7. jack says:

    Lisa is hot. Dino is rich. This combo works perfectly in B-Town n we have precedence of stable marriages like Madhuri n Nene, Shilpa n Kundra, Juhi n Jai Mehta, Tina n Anil Ambani n more

  8. Trinity force says:

    Given Lisa is hot, but he’s a multi millionaire and could have had anyone. Honestly she’s not that great either. But she’s not his first wife as well.

  9. krithika says:

    Jack, is Nene that rich ? Isn’t he just a doctor ?

  10. jack says:

    Trinity marriage is a complex concept these days. Which one lasts, which doesn’t is subjective. There’s no formula for successful marriage. As long as Lisa n Dino wanted to get married, who are we to comment…

  11. Rekha says:

    Jack, there’s a blind on India Forums that Lisa is pregnant and therefore the rush to the altar.

  12. Alcie says:

    Jack – any truth to Deepika and Ranveer break up rumours? thanks!

  13. iNSPIRATION says:

    As always, you’re on point Jack!! Kudos

    Btw do you know why is there so much secrecy about Jayalalitha’s health?

  14. SG says:

    @krithika average docs. in America get paid >$200,000 per annum. That’s the starting. As a cardiac surgeon Dr. Nene would have been earning $300k to $500k… But considering he wasn’t there for long, he may not be a multi-millionaire…..

  15. nefarious says:

    ADHM was such hogwash. I want my money back!

  16. ROFL says:

    As this forum is always serious I thought I should tell this really hilarious thing people noticed and laughing hard here. It’s more about how creepily Indian lyricists write romantic llllooooonging lyrics these days to lure(impress) young teens and how they can go wrong. There is this regional song which goes like “it’s not enough… your company is not at all enough… even after I sat next to you sticking to your body.. even after..{ many such supposed romantic blah goes on}”

    Enter shreya goshal she replaced pa with ka in a word that was meant mean next. And the meaning changed to sitting in potty touching your body.. ROFL.. the music director must have been sleeping or he was also a non native.. but anyway that’s what should happen with these overtly sensual, creepy supposed romantic stuff and careless singers and music directors I guess.. has that ever happened in any other languages I wonder..

    Hope someday shreya ghosal reads this and figures out that before signing any word in a language which is not known it’s better to check the meaning.. but mistake is mostly that of the guy who directed the song though..

  17. TruthSpeaker says:

    @Nefarious I came online just to see howcome no one is saying exactly what you just said? It was such a nonsense of a film. Maybe the political parties had seen it already and were using Fawad as an excuse 🙂 😛

    Seriously though! It looks like KJO thought “hmm, I need some cash to support my lowly lifestyle and toyboys! ATM won’t give me that much. What do I do? Oh right, let’s fool the audience!”

    I guess the intelligence of people is taken for granted by such people. It’s being marketed as his most mature work till date and his biography! Looool……

  18. nefarious says:

    @TruthSpeaker: its so disappointing that Kjo thinks he can use A listers and sell an underwhelming, boring illogical movie. Even KWK was so disappointing. Am sure , he thought, let me see all Ranbir’s previous movies and create a mish mash.

    wonder why it dint strike Ranbir that he walking from Rockstar set to ADHM.

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