Kanika Kapoor – The Ultimate Manipulator

kanika-stefano-gabbanaatif-aslam_kanikaYes it maybe hard for you to believe the innocent looking singer – Kanika Kapoor is the master manipulator. But she is and she uses that innocent face to the hilt. Kanika Kapoor came to India as a battered wife, whose monster of a husband in London threw her and her children out of the house and she was literally on the streets. By the way, the monstrous husband nowadays takes care of her kids as she is jet-setting across the world.

kanika-in-milankanika_cavalli-showKanika believes in use-and-throw. People who supported her when she landed in Mumbai to start her career as a singer have all been dumped because now she has become a star. ‘Meet Brothers’ who launched her in Bollywood are gone. Now Kanika is in big-league with Sajid-Wajid.

If fashionscandal writes about her link-ups, she cries on many shoulders who in turn tell me ”Don’t be mean to Kanika. She’s been through lot”.’ Is she dating Imran Khatri? Or is it Aditya Kilachand? I guess she has got her team to find whose net-worth is higher.

As of today Kanika Kapoor is doing very well and has enough money to buy her ticket and pay for her hotel stay if she wants to be seen at the Milan Fashion Week. But no, she gets other people who have links with big fashion houses to get invited and worse, make them pay for it all. Not only that, she make these ‘friends with benefits’ to organize front-row pass for her, pay for the dress she wears and even make them pay Euros 500 to a paparazzi to click her picture sitting on the front-row in a big-ticket show and instantly ‘whatsapp’ it to her PR who pass it on to ‘Instabollywood’ with a caption – ‘Fashionista Kanika Kapoor gracing the front row at Cavalli Show or schmoozing with Stefano Gabbana in a D&G dress.” Tch-Tch!  We have these dumb websites and tabloids who take anything and everything the celebrity PR s peddle. It’s new-age journalism that’s enamored by all and sundry celebs..

By noon today I will be flooded by calls from sympathizers of Kanika Kapoor!

(OOOPS: Manoj Prasad claim’s to be the ‘mooh-bola’ brother of Kanika. His heart bled after reading this post and he also wished that I get to see the doors of dozakh.)

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  1. SG says:

    lol.. Her insta pics make it look like she is Anu Hinduja’s best friend…. She even sang at Meera Shah & Prashant Manek’s Ibiza wedding. I initially thought that was a paid performance. but assumed since that wasn’t even in the news, she did it for friends… Now after reading this, I doubt it was for free….

  2. Deepak says:

    But this is how our media functions.. Didn’t we pay the crowd to create a ruckus when Tom Cruise landed in India to promote his Mission Impossible with Anil Kapoor…..
    btw Jack.. any news about the ADHM-MNS controversy.. how much was the MNS paid?.. and why did our might CM give in to this open extortion.. I am aware you are more clued in to Delhi, but any pointers about this would be helpful..

    P.S: Now I whole heartedly boycott the movie.. Not because it has Fawad Khan, but because Karan Johar and the CM of Maharashtra gave in to this extortion by third class MNS…. Marathi lokanchya navavarcha kalank ahe MNS and ShivSena….I take a stand and don’t force others to be with me.. it’s voluntary…

  3. mastimazak86 says:

    @Deepak,even without the MNS controversy,I dont think ADHM would have done well.The trailer was meh and the Ash-Ranbir chemistry which is getting publicized so much doesn’t look natural but forced. Karan Johar movies these days have wafer thin plots and music is also getting worst. None of the songs are memorable.

    MNS had taken that stand probably to make themselves relevant again. As you aware they dont have much elected members. Maybe they want to utilize the situation to their advantage but it is having reverse impact.

  4. Current says:

    Heard Isha Ambani is getting married in November. Who’s the groom?

  5. Inview says:

    But this is the same way our so called A grade actresses behave. When have these deepikas Kareenas mallikas Priyankas ever paid for anything . From hotel to car to clothes to their chappals has to be paid by organisers or people who have less money than them. The more money you got in this industry the bigger beggar you are especially actresses.

  6. jack says:

    @Neha this case of Kanika Kapoor is different. If the luxurious Italian labels directly would had invited the ‘Baby Doll’, free travel, stay and goodies are a given. I am talking about Kanika ji piling -on with rich friends-with benefits who are the original invitees to these shows and she forcibly gangs-up with them and then create a false image of a sought after fashionista.
    Her 1st class tickets, 7-star hotel stays, free dresses and the money spent on local photographers to take her images are not paid by Cavalli or D&G but high net worth individual Desis who are VIP customers of Luxe in India. Isn’t that sucks???

  7. Deepak says:

    @mastimazak86: hey masti, I really don’t care if the movie does well or not.. honestly i have been cheated more than once for watching movies by KJo…He talks really big during promotions but the movies have no content…. I was just talking about the highhandedness of MNS…It’s a different matter altogether if it flops because the audience does not like it….
    I used the term ‘boycott’ because I might have watched it on the insistence of friends..(You know how it is.. sometimes you accompany them to the shittiest of movies.. hehehee) but now I just won’t watch it for anyone…Ranbir and Ash don’t do anything for me…Ash is known for her beauty but I don’t find her beautiful at all to be honest…there’s no soul in her eyes…. they are just green…Anushka seems to be playing the same bubbly bubbly girl… Fawad is interesting.. but I don’t wanna waste my 200 bucks on a Kjo movie…

  8. mastimazak86 says:

    @Deepak, I concur with your views.

  9. Colossial says:

    @Current I think Isheta Salgaocar is getting married. She is the daughter of Deepti Salgaocar. Her husband Dattraj Salgaocar owns the Salgaocar football team. Isheta got engaged to Neeshal Modi, youger borther of Nirav Modi earlier this year.

  10. Colossial says:

    Jack please mention Kanika’s sugar daddies ? I think her divorce is fully planned to gain sympathies.

  11. God_ShaReef says:

    In Memory of NO PR SUBSTANCE girl Parma GodRej, “The OriGinal HatimTai”
    Social Science oops Scene
    Shivering while writing when i feel the money garnered by Chuts ChatWals:
    A Store House for Chut Lolas and LolliPops, yesSs, this is how even your Black TAINTED Bum AV (Abhi Verma) too preferred to CLOSE his PERINIUM DEAL.

    Ladies and GentleMan,
    This is no gross but matter of INTACT!!!

    Maano yaa naa maano…
    Coming back to Kanno Queen, your Kanika Kapoor…

    See from Jaddan Bai’s daughter NarGis to SriDevi to Gemini’s and BachChan’s BhanuREKHA, everyOne has got some PAST.
    BUT ofCourse at that time there was no PROFESSIONAL PR infraStructure.
    But now in 2016 if some Kanno Queen lands up on stage from noWhere and her beauty and talent is being used by her PR Charm than its ok man,
    Let her Live. This much she deserves.
    Kuch to hai ussme. You cannot deny her CharisMatic Personality.
    Aapki Esha Gupta, Some Neha in Tum Bin 2, Tamannah Bhatia and all those zabardasti ki heroines se to better hai Kanika.

    Ab sone ko to ye sabhi soti hi hain.
    Ab kaun jaane aaj raat hum kahan soyen, Waheeda RehMan kab soyeen ya AshWarya, Aaradhya sang soyeen???
    Khair ye matter phir kabhi…

    Sahara Shree (one more BIGGER Chut) ke Aaiyaash Laundon ki kasam.
    Hai naa Seeman”toon”, hai naa Sushaan”toon”.
    Saale Paise ke Jokers, toons…
    Voluptuary Sons/Toons!!!
    Udhi Baba. Duggha (Maa Durga) Duggha.
    Ye Ami ki Balechi Karechi.
    Oooeee Rama.

    Main to aaj kisi garam garam Kanika Macchi ke saath sone chali.
    Kya aapko bhi kisi Fawad ke saath sona hai?

    Aum bhu MNS
    Crematorium Karan Joham
    Bhargo Devasya dhi Mahee
    Ye Modi ko Swacch Bharatam.

    Behn ke phode, acche din aayein naa aayein…
    Aao acchi raatein to manaa lein…
    Rangeen hiss hiss raatein.
    Mata ParmeshWar ki Jai.
    Social Luxmi ki Jai.
    ChamPagne ki ganga bahi jae…

    Happy Diwali to All fashScanians while sipping muttu muttu Vodka-AV Style.
    Pee Pee Pee… i mean… pee yaa pilaa de…

    Saakiya aaj mujhe neend nahi aayegi,
    Suna hai teri mehfil mein BUM phata hai.
    Ek kaala kaala ugly sa BUM phata hai.

    Tch tch tch…

    Aapki Sniffer Kutia, aaise BUMs se boht door, kisi Fawad ke @$& ke paas,
    MNS ko roti hui, Karan ka suSu (bechaare ka suSu nikaal diya inn kutton ne) pocchte hue, soti hui…
    Aapki God ShaReef, Jiske DIL ko samajhna bilkul bhi MushKil nahi.
    Bas shart hai, Dil Shareef hona chaahiye.
    Aapki God Shareef, kya aapke andar ki God, Mushkil se, Shareef hai???

  12. Current says:

    Thanks Colossial

  13. Lovely libran says:

    @godshareef! Happy Diwali to u too! And to all the readers to here! Love reading your cryptic yet hilarious comments.. Would love to talk to you in person if that is possible! I guess no one in the glamour industry is seedha. One shouldn’t expect them to be considering the manipulations and murkiness that goes on there.. Regarding Kanika Kapoor .. Well she’s making the most while the sun shines and why not. Would you say that for a man if he does the same? Then why question and label a woman?

  14. Alcie says:

    God! Who is Farhan dating? Is the Shraddha story true?

    Happy diwali y’all!!!

  15. Veejayjay says:

    Did arbaaz play vineet j in fashion?

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