Amazon India Fashion Week S/S 2017 -Select Reviews

aifw-ss2017_sunday-standardI have a limitation to write about shows that are over by 8pm on Friday Night as my newspaper – The Sunday Standard/ New Indian Express goes to the press by noon on Saturday. Hence we miss out on scripting the reviews of Friday’s last show and the shows on the final two days – Saturday and Sunday. The piece here published is missing those designers’ work. I am adding few more images of great fashion.


payal prtap


rajesh pratap singh


ashish n soni

You can read my review published in The Sunday Standard here. You have all the freedom to disagree with my thoughts. Here is the link to the the story:


rohit + rahul

5 Replies to “Amazon India Fashion Week S/S 2017 -Select Reviews”

  1. Laveena says:

    Where is the fashion?

    Ironic, this fw there was no fashion.

    No fresh take or perspective, no distinct point of view,..that grabs you by the horns, nothing innovative that leaves you awestruck or thinking, just a lot of bizarre pieces and some comical looks.

    Now here I am not disagreeing with you Jack, because you’re a journalist, not a designer.

  2. jack says:

    When I write for the newspaper I have to be tamed.
    For FS I can be NASTY…new identity bestowed upon me
    Anyway welcome your POV

  3. Alcie says:

    God_shareef! where is our god? 😛 Sorry Jack, I wanna know more from God about latest bwood shenanigans 🙂 Is there any truth to Shraddha hooking up with Farhan? Also, who is Ranbir doing these days? Thanks!

  4. Purple says:

    Jack…there was a pretty model named anu kuttoor in the 90s…could u tell me where is she now??

  5. nefarious says:

    God Shareef, can you tell us whats brewing between SRK and Gauri. He refuses to acknowledge her anymore, while she keeps tagging him her posts. There are so many throwback pics and interviews of theirs doing the round. whats happening? Are the on the verge of annoncing something? Is he moving with PC?

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