Rohit Aggarwal Piling On As ‘PLUS ONE’

five-minute-fundaIMG_5712Gatecrashing I think is an abhorrent act. I can expect teenagers or guys in their twenties gatecrashing into parties but not matured 40plus year-old men. These days Delhi’s rich folks celebrate weddings, birthdays and anniversaries in exotic locales abroad.Remember Munjal’s extravagant birthday bash in Swiss Alps. However Munju was smart enough not to allow gatecrashers or somebody piling on as ‘plus one’ with an invited guest.

Recently their was a Sood-Batra wedding in Muscat and guests were booked in Ritz Carlton. This 5-day affair had many gatecrashers…Bin Bulaaye Baarati!

Shiv Kumar_Divya Sethamina sarkar bharatramThe infamous ‘Ghar-ka-na-Ghat ka’ guy – Rohit Aggarwal indulged in shameless gatecrashing. He begged his buddy – Shiv Kumar to take him as ‘Plus One’ to the Simran and Neeraj Kanwar’s 20th anniversary in Florence, Italy. By the way, he was glum that Amit Burman took Neeraj Kanwar as partner for Scalini, London even though he couldn’t afford the investment. At Kanwars’ celebration poor Rohit was not even offered a separate room and had to share it with the bonafide guest – Shiv. A pile on shouldn’t expect more! How can people even dare to crash an exclusive anniversary bash??? I mean it is the height of desperation!

kanika_amit_simranBy the way is Rohit Aggarwal still trekking hard to win over Amina Sarkar Bharatram and does Amit Burman have a soft-corner for Kanika Kapoor?

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  1. Zoya says:

    Hi love ur site pls pls could u tell me if the rumour r true about divyanka tripathi and karan Patel affair

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