Rohit Aggarwal Piling On As ‘PLUS ONE’

Gatecrashing I think is an abhorrent act. I can expect teenagers or guys in their twenties gatecrashing into parties but not matured 40plus year-old men. These days Delhi’s rich folks celebrate weddings, birthdays and anniversaries in exotic locales abroad.Remember Munjal’s extravagant birthday bash in Swiss Alps. However Munju was smart enough not to allow gatecrashers […]


When Startup India is Chasing Funds, Rich India is Chasing Snow!

No I am not envious of Rich indians living-life- king-size. Rahul Munjal (of the Hero Group) is celebrating one helluva a birthday. It started in Delhi on the 12th of January and is concluding today in Megeve on the French Alps. The concluding birthday celebration in Haute-Savoie commune in French Alps – Megeve was only […]