I am not sure whether we the citizens of India are living in the times of ‘Rising India’ or ‘Sinking India’, but I am sure we are in the era of ‘Raging India’. The country desperately needs to take it easy…as we say – ‘Take a Chill-Pill’!

The country is seething in rage in every walks of life. You scroll through Views Channels oops, News Channels and you see unadulterated rage in the studios. Be it the news anchors (with rare few exceptions) or the illuminated panelists, they are all seething with rage. We all saw the ugly side of TV News Channels in the stings – Operation 136 conducted by Cobrapost. Agendas were peddled and eagerly lapped up for moolah.

Festivities are venting grounds for rage. For many of us Navratri and Ramanavami was period of 9 days of detox and then back to partying. Even for the religious ones, festivities were occasions of joy and not sloganeering and parading with arms. Why so much angst? Why so much rage? Where is all this coming from? We Desis were known for our laid-back attitude. Is this rage the way to ‘Rising India’?

Road- rage has been around and now we have Twitter-Rage. Every comment need not be reacted upon by another Tweet. Pappu should ignore Pheku’s Tweets and vice-versa. Why can’t one just state his personal views and not be reactive? Every press-conference is responded by a counter press-conference. We Indians are wise enough to filter information with our own wisdom. One need not thrust it down on us. We can make out what is propaganda and what is information. But yes, unfortunately there are many who get affected by volatile propaganda and mischievous agendas. It’s leading this nation to become an angry nation. Not good!

Like United States of America was once known as the “Prozac Nation’ because of large population living in depression, we are becoming an ‘Alprax Nation’ as seething rage and angst are making many pop anti-anxiety pills. Just give it a thought.

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  1. AC says:

    well said..

  2. Deepak Patil says:

    So true….the solution is to break away from technology (TV, Internet and the likes) and indulge in things that we love…can be reading, gardening, painting.. any creative activity….smile at strangers on the road, talk a little with our neighbors…..

  3. FK says:

    We’re really going crazy. Everyone has more than 2 mobile smart phones and not even productive human beings. Everything is ‘App’ based. It’s so easy to ridicule someone thru so many mediums available without knowing the half of it. Despite all these ‘technological’ advances we’re still so backward. Nothing works. Everything is a mess. We’re in a perpetual state of urban decay. There’s not real improvement on the ground level.

    Everyone is just blaming each other and the overall situation is regressing even faster. Everyone wants their own state or own language or own this and own that. We should just split up into the 100 states we were before the British came. Maybe then our differences will be resolved. Our politicians behaviour is appalling on the global stage. No one respects India. Just another place to jerk off.

    We need a revolution and a real leader to put things in order. If this same thing continues we will become the joke of the world. Hindu against Muslim and vice versa. When will this stop? Its madness. So much corruption at every level still exists. I feel most sad for the country’s poor.

    All this ‘rage’ needs to be channelled properly. I think we should make military training compulsory for all youth.

  4. 5hrut1 says:

    Switch off the idiot box and news paper.. sign off from silly social media .. enjoy !! Peace .. I am saying this coz I have been practising for years .. invest ur time in nature .. pick up a hobby ..why break head on such things ..

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