Upen Patel Blames The ‘Khan(Daan)’ For His Exit From Bigg Boss 8

upen-patel-biggboss8The NRI Gujju guy – Upen Patel is finally out of Bigg Boss Season 8.The wooden-faced actor survived 15 weeks and that itself is surprising. But Upen Patel believes his exit from Bigg Boss 8 was ‘engineered’ by none other than the host of the show – Salman Khan.

Amrita Arora and Upen Patel shown to userkatrinakaifandupenpatelinanoldphotoshoot-smallDuring his first lackluster stint in Bollywood, Upen dated Amrita Arora for a while. Now since Amrita Arora Ladak is related to the ‘Khan(daan)’ by virtue of her sister, Malaika Arora – Salman’s bhabi, Patel is ensuing that Amrita got him evicted for their failed relationship. In fact Katrina Kaif and Salman relationship too came in way of Upen because long time back Upen and Katrina worked in a Tamil movie and some unsubstantiated gossip linked Upen with Katrina Kaif. Upen is dumb and doesn’t know that Katrina only falls in love with ‘winners’ and not ‘losers’.

And Malaika Arora Khan is not really very close with Salman Khan. In fact if B-Town buzz is to be believed then there’s a strong under-current between Sallu and Malaika. Malaika’s sister, Amrita Arora influencing Sallu is far-fetched. In fact Amrita and Shakeel Ladak’s best friends are Kareena and Saif. Anyway let Upen Patel enjoy his bliss that he had been evicted under conspiracy and not the fact that he was the biggest bore in Bigg Boss’ House!



3 Replies to “Upen Patel Blames The ‘Khan(Daan)’ For His Exit From Bigg Boss 8”

  1. Tina says:

    hahaha….rightly said about Katrina…btw, I don’t think they have worked together in a Tamil film…they surely modelled together…In fact, ‘I’ is the first South film that Uday is doing

  2. Shai-Shai says:

    Malaika isn’t liked much by Salman Khan as he doesn’t really approve of her ‘item-girl’ status so there is absolutely no way he would do anything for her sister who again I have heard isn’t that liked by him.
    As for Upen, it’s a fact that he was boring all through the season and the last few weeks before his exit from the house, he looked so desperate for some extra footage. Totally a loser.

  3. db says:

    Lol. I heard salman doesnt like malaika because of her illicit relation with arjun kapoor (fuck buddies)

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