Fashion Labels’ Obsession With ‘Photoshop’ Continue

MTI3MjI2MjM0MjA2Njk0MDE5Fashion Industry has been resorting to Photoshop to create the illusion of ‘size-zero’ and chiseled looks. The fashion glossies shamelessly resort to Photoshop issue after issue and so does the big fashion brands for their ad-campaigns. ‘Photoshopping’ is unethical as we all know that it creates a dangerous and illusive trend  for ‘size-zero’ look that affect the teens who try and emulate the figure, leading to anorexia and other ills.


Real (Left)_Photoshop (Right)

Real (Left)_Photoshop (Right)

MTI3MjI3NDAzNzgwMDA0MzE42015 started with hilarious Photoshop mishaps by two top fashion brands. Moschino’s Spring 2015 ad-campaign shot by the legendary Steven Meisel show model Sasha Luss’ (in the center) left leg missing and Calvin Klein’s Underwear campaign featuring Justin Beiber has used Photoshop to give the popstar a muscular look by defining the abs and pecs. CK also added some pubic hair to Beiber to make him look manly.

The credit must go to The Fashion Spot that spotted Sasha’s left leg missing in the Moschino campaign and one reader on the site commented, Maybe it got scared. Maybe it’s taking a mental health day. Maybe it was still getting its leg makeup done and didn’t get to set on time. Who knows! “ As far as Justin Beiber in CK ad is concerned, maybe the “Meminist’ movement is right that tells us that men face the same unrealistic beauty expectations as women!


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  1. hellodelhi says:

    Haha, it is hardly true that men face the same amount of pressure as women. As for the Moschino add, I thought the model was sort of kicking her leg behind her, I dont know how to explain. But even the legs that are visible, as if they werent photoshoped enough.

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