Prasad Bidapa’s Naughty ‘April 2011’ Calendar

OOOPS! I missed out on posting Prasad Bidapa’s April 2011 edition of his Gay Erotica for the unfortunate ones who aren’t in his ‘Private Mailing List’ .This one is bolder than the previous ones. Yet again a Threesome’, Bidapa’s Erotic April 2011 calendar may be photoshopped because I can’t see the phallus of the guy lying at the bottom. Or is it inside…??? Tauba-Tauba!

5 Replies to “Prasad Bidapa’s Naughty ‘April 2011’ Calendar”

  1. rumor mill says:

    unreal..dint knw u cld do sucha calender in india..tauba tauba..hahha

  2. gossipgirl says:

    Your take on the new gossip about Malaika Arora Khan and her toy boy Arjun Kapoor.

    More juicy gossip . Please..

  3. Baby says:

    Get the names on the private mailing list and you have yourself a SCOOP of the century!

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  5. Tony says:

    In what way are these photos “Ugly” ? The human body is inherently beautiful – the artists treatment in terms of lighting and composition is masterful. That he evokes sexual acts is simply his reality – as well as that if millions across the globe. For a web site that calls itself ‘ Fashionscandal” the reaction is quite parochial and in fact homophobic. Fashion is an industry dominated by gay men and millions of people throughout the world are indebted to their creativity and labor for their employment . It is time to enter the 21st century where a person’s decison about how he/she lives and uses his body with others is entirely personal and above reproach as long as it is consensual !!

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