Bidapa should know the Law of the Land

Last week Prasad Bidapa poured his heart out about his ‘gay erotica’ being leaked by whom he prefer to label as ‘Creeps’. And what should I say about Bombay Times??? They are shamelessly lifting articles from this Blog and not even giving due credit to the source. This has happened twice. Ethics don’t matter to […]

Prasad Bidapa’s Naughty ‘April 2011’ Calendar

OOOPS! I missed out on posting Prasad Bidapa’s April 2011 edition of his Gay Erotica for the unfortunate ones who aren’t in his ‘Private Mailing List’ .This one is bolder than the previous ones. Yet again a ‘Threesome’, Bidapa’s Erotic April 2011 calendar may be photoshopped because I can’t see the phallus of the guy […]