Bidapa should know the Law of the Land

Last week Prasad Bidapa poured his heart out about his ‘gay erotica’ being leaked by whom he prefer to label as ‘Creeps’. And what should I say about Bombay Times??? They are shamelessly lifting articles from this Blog and not even giving due credit to the source. This has happened twice. Ethics don’t matter to them. Here is the link to Bombay Times story:

Mr. Bidapa, you should know the law and for your benefit I am laying down the Legal definition of Pornography:

The literal mining of the term ‘Pornography‘ is “describing or showing or simulating sexual acts in order to cause sexual excitement through photographs, books, films, etc.”

This would include pornographic material produced using computers and use of internet to transmit pornographic videos, photos, writings etc.

Now since you have photographed men simulating sexual acts and have transmitted them  through the use of internet as Emails to a select list of friends, you have indulged in Pornography as per the Law of the Land. So next time before pointing fingers, have the facts right. And anyway you never bothered about law else you wouldn’t had been Jailed in Dubai for possession of narcotics. Read all about it here: 

Also, this Blog is not ‘homophobic‘!

3 Replies to “Bidapa should know the Law of the Land”

  1. nastygal says:

    Ooh baby..uza nasty! love it! giving it straight back in his face.

  2. Anthead says:

    Is Biddu still married to his wife? Doesn’t he have a son?

  3. Viktor says:

    @Anthead: Bidapa is still married to his wife, but it is a marriage of convenience. His son might already know his dad is gay.

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