Banged-Up In Dubai

Pic-13-Dimple-FaujdarDelhi’s nouveau-riche wannabe socialite – Dimple Faujdar hob-nobs between Delhi and Dubai for some kinda work. Unfortunately she met with a road accident in Dubai and was recently spotted at the DLF Emporio with bandages on her head, face and her hands. photoInteresting bit is that it wasn’t her hubby – Partha who was with Dimple in the car when it met with the accident. She was with Nakul Nath in the car when the bang-up happened. Thankfully Nakul seemed to have escaped without any injury and it is not known who was driving the car. Poor Dimple… Wish Dimple Faujdar get well soon and get back to her partying ways!

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  1. Anthead says:

    Nouveau to samajha mein aaya – please explain riche. Is she actually loaded? What does Partha do – doesn’t he run some small-time business of sorts – how does he manage to pay for her designer duds (agar woh asli hain to – Bangkok ka maal bhi ho sakte hain).

    Also how is he ok with the wife clearly stepping out on him – henpecked or a smart cookie who uses his wife to social climb?

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