“The Interview” Has Some Funbag Moments Too

Topless-Scenes-From-The-Interview-05-580x435Topless-Scenes-From-The-Interview-02-580x435Okay, we all have to do our part to fight tyranny. My part is particularly small though I prefer to call it, stoic. The movie The Interview came out in some theaters over Christmas, after being pulled, restored, pulled, then re-restored again. Sony also released it Online in USA and Canda and raked in $15 Million till now. Sony press releases were however too cryptic. It was like trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube after downing some Jaeger-Bombers. The point is, what nobody noticed, the work of Diana Bang and Hazeltine Gariza who provide the topless moments in the movie. The true definition of ‘in your face’ statements.

Topless-Scenes-From-The-Interview-03-580x435Topless-Scenes-From-The-Interview-04-580x435I haven’t seen the movie yet. I suspect it’s something far less memorable than the media storm surrounding it. Let us not add to the mistakes made to date by overlooking Diana and Hazeltine’s fine funbag work in this film though not with the North Korean dictator – Kim Jong Wu. That would make the terrorists win or something horrible like that.

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