Sweet ‘Sugar Daddies’

sugar-daddyUnfortunately after much research the list of Desi Sugar Daddies had got just few new editions. I am sure there are more and as and when I discover them, will keep updating the list.

Well ruling the Desi Sugar Daddies are two NRI tycoons. One is there in the list of UK’s Richest and lately has made his son-in-law’s family the stakeholders in soon-to-be launched budget airline – Air Asia. Our man still fancies one the trashiest Bollywood actress and pampers her with the world. Lot of who wonder how this C-Grade actress always manage to land up at the Cannes Film Festival should know that it is courtesy her Sugar Daddy’s global influence.

high-maintenanceAnother NRI tycoon who is got more mistresses than he got hair on his head is still going strong. However he keeps his babies under check. One of his baby – Kanika Chandok – was shopping in Milan and before making a purchase she had to ckick the picture and mention the price and forward it o her Sugar Daddy. On recieving approval only she made the purchase using her Sugar Daddy’s credit card. Well who is this tycoon? Isn’t it obvious? Well his new ventures in India always run into problems for Environment issues.

Another Bollywood C-Grade actress who flaunts her big rack and recently got in to film production with a rich friend has her Sugar Daddy in Pune. He is a real-estate king there and it’s courtesy his money that the actress posing in ‘garters’ is enjoying her life.

Vasuki-SUNKAVALLI-and-buisnessman-Mickey-PUNJDelhi based failed tycoon -Atul Punj who is more famous for his private jets and the fact that he lent it to Arjun Rampal for free to fly in his Bollywood friend for one of LAP’s anniversary is still stuck with his curly haired ex-model bimbo, Vasuki. She got herself on the Board of Punj Lloyd. 

A powerful politician from Punjab is new in the list of Sugar Daddies. But this powerful man is somehow playing daddy to a woman old enough to be his aunt. He pays for her stay in India (when she is not in Canada) at the luxurious service apartment in Lodhi (formerly The Aman).

Then there are seedy rich guys in Delhi who are part-time Sugar Daddies. By part-time, I mean these guys don’t take care of the entire cost of living of their babies but occasionally pamper them with luxury bags, heels, watches, jewelry and foreign trips. One notoriously sleazy businessman make’s his wife befriend these babies and then rolls his dice. These are the men who fall for ‘Gold-Diggers’ about whom I wrote recently.

26 Replies to “Sweet ‘Sugar Daddies’”

  1. SG says:

    Nice post.. I dont know the last 2.. But I cant understand why someone who’s a gold medallist, comes from a rich business family & supposedly smart needs a sugar daddy.. Cant she use her degree & business knowledge…

  2. Anu says:

    Maybe she is using her smarts and her business knowledge 😉
    looks to me like the RoI on netting a sugar daddy is pretty high… less “hard” worl 🙂

  3. Anu says:

    * work

  4. stillwondering says:

    1) Mallika sheraway/ lakshimi Mittal
    2) Kanika Chandok / Anial aggarwal
    3) Amisha Patel/ ?
    4) ?
    5) ? / badal

    and then the other dime a dozen (the owner of frankfinn, karishma’s ex etc.., prety zinta’s ex)

    bottom line is money gets to the head of these men. Since their wallets rule, they can have as many chicks as they want. As much as their wives hate it they can’t leave them because the men hold the string of the purse.


    hey hey hey mr reporter ,why dont u spell out the names ,of the MEN -LIKE U DID OF THE GOLD DIGGERS -BE BRAVE – OR are u worried that they are rich and can damage the site `?? not fair to middle class women- JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BORN RICH- and what about the WIVES of the sugar -LONDON DADDIES – we all know who they are
    MMLAAAPRSSB- fig these alphabets out

  6. jack says:

    Well abhishek why can’t you write down the names in full instead of just the ‘alphabets’???

  7. abhishek agarwal says:

    jack i am not the editor-i know who r the people let fashion scandal have the openess to name men not just women

  8. stalker says:

    Is Abhishek Agarwal, Anil Agarwal’s son?

    Butthurt much?

  9. MD says:

    I have always wondered who is Sophie Chaudhry’s sugar daddy!

  10. SG says:

    1) Mallika Sherawat/LNM
    2) Kanika Chandok/ Anil Aggarwal
    3) Ameesha Patel/Avinash Bhosale who was also involved with Preity Zinta, Dia Mirza???
    4) Mickey Punj/ Vasuki Sunkavalli though she’s not always curly haired.
    5) I dont know this one.. Hey Jack why dont u give us more clues about the last one

  11. jack says:

    Rahul Sharma, owner of Micromax Mobile Phones

  12. Who Cares? says:

    Isn’t Vasuki Sunkavalli some sorta Femina Miss India or something? Any kore dirt on her?
    Also, Jack you had mentioned in a previous post that Mallika was in tight with some hotel owner who gets her invites to Cannes? So which is it? Said hotel owner or Mittal? Or gasp, both? I don’t get it..what do they see in her? She’s got the face of a female monkey with that protruding jawline. Must be mad skilled in bed, I guess. Somehow I doubt the likes of Mittal can last long enough to enjoy the skills, though :p. Anyway, how is Mittal involved in Air Asia? Isn’t that some sort of deal between Tony Fernandez and some Malaysian majority share holder dude?

    Btw, what about doing something on the sugar daddies of Mumbai? There’s got to be a few. Weren’t there strong rumours that the adopted daughter of Sushmita Sen is the love child of Sen and Anil Ambani?

  13. Who Cares? says:

    Btw Jack, if you do a list of Mumbai sugar daddies, avoid the Bir’s, k? 😉 Last time you did a piece on elder bro, this site shut down for a very long time

  14. sakshi says:

    Sugar baby old enough to be his aunt – Ruby Dhalla from Canada. Who is he though?

  15. Anthead says:

    Yep the politician bit is Ruby Dhalla – but is she with Sukhbir Badal? But Sukhbir is 50 and Ruby can’t be older – she’s probably younger. So is it someone else from the Badal family?

    Jack – we need a Bombay list too.

  16. Sweta says:

    Rahul sharma is Wat ? Or rather whose ??

  17. Sweta says:

    Jack, whose suggar daddy is Rahul?

  18. jack says:

    Rahul Sharma is the owner of the Micromax Mobile Phones. He is sugar daddy to Sophie Choudhary.

  19. Karan says:

    And Jack , who is the politician from Punjab??

  20. sakshi says:

    Anthead, I was thinking the same thing, can’t be Sukbir, they must be around the same age. I don’t think any else (that junior to her or any at all) from the Badal family are politicians though?

  21. sakshi says:

    Maybe Arvind Khanna?

  22. sweta says:

    hey jack, wats the proof of u claiming rahul to be a sugar daddy of hers? pls give/say

  23. shame on them says:

    such a cool blog..please also cover bollywood dirt..PC-SRK(well shes slept with half of bolly tho), akshay -sonakshi, parineeti–hahaha, puhleez…..

  24. Gfuhgf says:

    I thought Mallika was with the poonawala guy……

  25. sang says:

    Jack, few days back on pinkvilla site i mentioned about your blog and abt Rahul sharma – suga daddy to sofie chaudhary and first i got blocked from that post and now blocked from viewing or commenting on the posts on Pink villa…. ? ?

  26. jack says:

    Sang probably they did not like you mentioning FS. Hence they blocked you.
    Anyway Rahul Sharma of Micromax is Bollywood struck guy and has finally managed a B-Town girl – Asin (of Ghazini fame) to marry him. So Sophie story is over and now Asin is going to be Rahul’s wife.

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