“Sherlyn Chopra” Mug-Holder

sherlyn_chopraDoes the first resident  Desi Playmate – Sherlyn Chopra  ever put on clothes??? Or is she living in some nudist colony?

sherlyn-chopra-mug-holderAnyway I just discovered a coffee mug-holder that Sherlyn Chopra should get patented and then make millions. I am amused at the strategic placement of the coffee mug by the ingenious Sherlyn Chopra. Wondering if Desi Playmate has placed the cup of coffee to warm it up or is it the other way around…

Guys what do you think? Is Sherlyn warming up the coffee or it’s vice versa? Hoping she doesn’t spill the coffee though!

2 Replies to ““Sherlyn Chopra” Mug-Holder”

  1. etios says:

    Sherlyn is definitely warming up the coffee, as for not wearing clothes, who are we to judge, many hollywood starlets go nude so why not someone from India. She is comfortable being nude and never hides her intentions or past.

  2. sogaas says:

    Etios, you mean, we must imitate west. If we wish to imitate, then we must become honest, sincere, faithful, democratic, and above all, human-beings first.

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