Kim Kardashian Bares AGAIN

kim_kardashian_for_gq_03-45d37e1e_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_02-8fcc32c4_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_05-323d5fcf_webkim_kardashian_for_gq_06-f5092561_webKim Kardashian when bared all, even posed ‘frontal nude’ for Papermag, everybody knew that nobody would shoot Kim K covered ever again. The prophecy seems to have come true and nobody is complaining. GQ has got Kim Kardashian in all her bootilicious glory for the cover of their ‘sex edition’.

GQ highlighted Kim’s bare asstastic features in all of it’s black and white (and round all over) glory. Not that we haven’t seen her bottom before, but there’s no denying that her chief moneymaker still strikes a rather noteworthy silhouette. Enjoy the images!

2 Replies to “Kim Kardashian Bares AGAIN”

  1. Jai says:

    Whore. Can’t put it any more politely

  2. Blackfire says:

    Love her slutiness

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