When UTV Stars announced their soon-to-be-aired show – Keeping Up With The Khan Sisters based on the reality TV Show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, everybody started guessing which Khan Sisters are these. Most though its gonna be Malaika Arora Khan and Amrita Arora because when it comes to the Butt department, Malaika Arora Khan probably comes closest to the Asstastic Hollywood Celebrity, Kim Kardashian. Though there were others guess-works like Salman Khan’s sisters and many more but nobody even made a wild guess that it would be Gauhar Khan and her TV Star sister Nigar Khan. Don’t confuse this Nigar Khan with the Norwegian Nigar Khan who flashes her boobs at the slightest opportunity. UTV Stars copied the Reality TV series but I think it is going to be a very poor copy of a Trashy TV Show.

Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is her famous Ass and her leaked 39 minute Sex Video Tape with Hip-Hop Star, Ray J. Kim Kardashian’s booty was so much in the news that to prove that she hasn’t got silicon implants in her butt, Kim went through a Body-Scanner to show all that her Ass is Au Naurale! Malaika Arora Khan, the Bootilicious Bollywood babe can’t take that risk though.

The closest one has got to some Butt(y) news on Gauhar Khan was when her body-hugging skirt in Lakme Fashion Week gave away at the seams and one got a peek at her butt.

6 Replies to “KHAN SISTERS Aren’t ASStastic As The KARDASHIANS”

  1. Jooce says:

    Wait..! Are they going to air this in India???? No… wayyyy..!!! This is scary. Even in the US they don’t show boobs and butt on TV. How can they get away with it? Where are mahila mandals and VHP when we need it! Truly desperate and disgusting move on part of the channel.
    Kardashians are B grade celebs but they are very smart businesswomen, with a multi billion fashion business spread out from East to the west coast. What is the claim to fame of the Khan sisters? Item numbers? Nude shoots? Wardrobe malfunctions?? What is going on in India??
    This is not a sign of progression of women, this is a sign of deterioration of society and culture.
    I hope this show never ever takes off!

  2. Vishal says:

    “this is a sign of deterioration of society and culture”

    Why must people on the internet talk about society and culture. Don’t we have enough political parties who force-feed us that down our throat everyday.

    Whats wrong in item numbers/nude shoots? Everyone whores themselves out in some way or another without even knowing it. At least these women know what they are doing.

    What next Jooce? Join the Ram Sene?

  3. Jooce says:

    Vishal, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. What is wrong with nude shoots in a country where a woman is raped every 29 minutes?? Where she is treated with utter disrespect!
    Such obscene shows and shoots trigger very suppressed sexual desires amongst very sex-deprived, misguided Indian male. I am not here to bash up the whole society – but wake up dude! How many women in India feel safe walking around wearing shorts or tube tops?? A country that is not ready to accept a “normal” way of western dressing, a nude shoot or a risque show is definitely not the need of the hour!
    These women actually don’t know what they are signing up for.
    And by the way, India has not taken pride in showcasing nudity ever and when people such as you advocate it, it is a sign of utter downfall of a “culture”.

  4. speak mind says:

    I agree with Jooce

  5. Jooce says:

    Thanks, speak mind 🙂

  6. watever says:

    I agree with Jooce

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