Kim Kardashian in Bigg Boss 8. Confirmed!

kim-kardashian-butt-implant-rumourNow it is confirmed that the bootilicious Kim Kardashian is going to be a house mate in Bigg Boss 8 this week. Her stay at the house though will only be a couple of days only. Kim Kardashian’s Tweet an hour back confirms her participation in Bigg Boss 8.

KimK_Bigg Boss8

Endemol India offered such a huge amount to Kim Kardashian that she found it hard to decline. After the butt-show and frontal nude shots appeared in Paper Mag, Kim is ‘Breaking the Internet’ and Bigg Boss 8 thought of basking in the new-found-glory of Kim Kardashian and boost its TRP. Just hope that the horny Ali Quli keeps his hands off Kardashian’s butt!

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  1. Laveena says:

    Great. Interesting how Endemol, barely compensate workers who build the ugly sets that houses contestants where they film the show. They bring down the prize money from 1 crore to 50 lakhs, when the ‘plot’ revolves around normal (?) people losing their marbles. Yet they pacify Salman with a handsome pay package every season and apportion a chunk for Kim K. All well and good, but definitely not fair. Those poor sods may enter for popularity but they deserve more for the mental trauma, turning into a whiny bitch and losing their dignity in the process. Worse, sharing a loo with so many people.

    I maybe the only one, but her appearance is not going to get me to watch that show, mainly because, they grouped together the most insipid bunch of uninteresting people in the country! The rump cheering bums, avarice Kim is coming over for such a stupid engagement.

  2. TimBukTu says:

    Pl fill up on the son of a top Mumbai architect engaged to daughter of a hotelier. Son and family had to pay a hefty sum to said son’s old flame (a much older American woman with a daughter by someone else)
    Also fill up on the Ayesha Shroff saga….

  3. jack says:

    Why don’t you give us some leads so that we can find more and fill you up…

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