Insanely Fashionable Take on ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

Edward EnninfulNick KnightWhen a group of uber talented creative folks come together, the result is insanely fantastic. To celebrate Stylist Edward Enninful’s 25 years in the fashion industry, Beats by Dre assembled a fab team – Enninful,  photographer and filmmaker extraordinaire, Nick Knight and eight supermodels to create an insane fashion film on seven cardinal sins. What resulted was “The Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful,” a colorful look at the seven deadly sins as curated by the man himself.

naomi-campbell-edward-enninful-seven-deadly-sinssuper_linda_w_magazine_ennunfil_kleinWho is Edward Enninful? He is a Ghanaian-born stylist got his start as the youngest fashion director at i-D magazine at 18 and is known for strong narratives and unexpected pairings. Now Enninful is with W Magazine. He has styled some iconic shots. Matching up Enninful’s madness is photographer and filmmaker –Nick Knight. Knight has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion online and is the founder of the award winning fashion website – SHOWstudio.

Here is the link for the film:

nick knight8nick knight7nick knight10nick knight5nick knight3nick knight2nick knight1The team of Dre, Edward and Knick casted the best of models for the film. Naomi Campbell was shot for PRIDE – ‘BLACK PRIDE’ and was styled with black contact lenses, pentagrams, barbed wire, stabby knives and skull emojis. Who would epitomize LUST but Kate Moss. She did her thing, rolling around on the floor in Lust with lingerie, whips, chains, dripping red paint and a wig. There’s Greed with Karlie Kloss, illuminati pyramids and precious gold. Most difficult SIN to address must have been  Gluttony. To embody the sin of excessive eating, the size 0 supermodels Lara Stone and Anna Elwers wore pink gowns and rubbed up on each other as donuts swirl around them. Jourdan Dunn takes on Envy, posing asstastically in a green wig. Things get vaporized with Sloth, where a heavy-lidded Mariacarla Boscono gets blasted by a fog machine in a field of disintegrating Greek statues. Finally, Karen Elson wraps it up with Wrath with cars exploding in the background.


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