GAWD! Now a Movie on Jiah Khan

jiah-filmActress Jiah Khan’s tragic and untimely death have inspired some in B-Town to make a film on the incident. Filmmaker Rikshhit Matta has reportedly been inspired by the media reports surrounding Jiah’s tragic death and lost love has inspired him to launch ‘Bold Bollywood’ a story about the underbelly of the film fraternity. The film is based on three aspiring actresses who come to Mumbai to make their Bollywood dreams come true. One of the girl’s character is similar to Jiah Khan and the ups and down she goes through reflects the late actress’s life.

jiah-khanIncidently Matta who was researching on the movie for past few months stumbled upon Jiah during a party at a nightclub five months ago and briefly discussed the concept with the late actress and assured her that he would get back to her after the script was finalised. “Jiah was full of joy and had shown interest in the subject but when she heard that one of characters in the film has a tragic end, she said it was too depressing. I am deeply aghast how can Jiah do the same with her life,” says Matta. Hope Rikshit Matta has taken permission from late Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabia Khan or else he will be fighting a legal case.

jiah's love letterjiah's suicide noteComing back to the ‘Letters Imbroglio’, it doesn’t need a handwriting expert to say that two letters – the Jiah Khan’s suicide note as claimed by her family and Jiah Khan’s love letters to Suraj Pancholi as claimed by Pancholis – are written by two different person. Now we got to see, which one is real and which one is fake. Suicide letter was discovered after six days and is unsigned while the love-letters are duly signed. Hope the cops come out with the truth soon!






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