Was Lalit-Mandana secret Marriage a way to obtain Work Permit for Karimi?

manadana_lalitYesterday morning I read a lot of newspapers talking about the Lalit Telhan’s marriage with Manizhe (aka Mandana)  Karimi. Times of India, the largest Media House of India did not have the courtesy to give due credit to this Blog from where they lifted the story. Delhi Times and Bombay Times carried the story. HT City too carried the story and I am thankful that they gave due credit to this Blog. Ethical Practices Matter!

mandana_lalit_weddingThe Bombay Times report states that Mandy claims that the wedding certificate mentions Manizhe Karimi while her name is Mandy Karimi. Lady you just opened a can of worms. The FDCI Press Release of 11 New Faces carries the name – ‘MANIZHE KARIMI’. Is FDCI wrong too, Mandy aka Manizhe? I stand by the authenticity of the marriage certificate that I published.

Now here is the big spin. Was the hush-hush hurried Arya Samaj Wedding of Lalit Kumar with Manizhe Karimi on the 18th of February 2011 was to get the lady work-permit in India? Marriage is the fastest way to obtain one. So madam Manizhe aka Mandy, was that marriage just an eyewash to get the work permit before Model Auditions held on the 2nd of March 2011? Timing seems perfect lady. Do you have anything to comment on that or make yet some foolish statements to gullible reporters that the certificate is wrong and the name is wrong. If you are so right then FDCI is wrong in releasing a list of New Models that had a name MANIZHE KARIMI. Even the Arya Samaj Temple Trust is wrong in using your picture but carry the name Manizhe.

Face the truth lady!

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  1. Rajat Sengupta says:

    Bombay Times broke the story on the same day as yours. Only the second story was a follow up. In the first Lalit Tehlan spoke about being in love and wanting to get married. And the same morning you posted the certificate prompting the second story.

  2. Anthead says:

    I mean, hello – duh! That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the post. It seems like such an obvious attempt to get a work permit. I guess we’re not used to this in India yet, because not too many foreigners were trying to stay on in the country for work.

    However, I also have a feeling that there’s something iffy and opportunistic about Mr. Tehlan’s sexual orientation. After all, being Rohit Bal’s boyfriend opened doors for him that he would have never had access to otherwise.

  3. If indeed he married her for those reasons, so that the model obtains a work permit, then that’s very sweet and honourable. I guess it’s harsh to judge someone, we can never quite know the layers of truth and what transpired and instead jump to conclusions.

  4. Indian says:

    Arya samaj Mandir is an honourable institute and it is impossible that they will defame any women by releasing fake marriage certificates.

    If any women marry just for work permit , then what can we say and instead of accepting the fault she is questioning the Certificate and hence the Arya Samaj Mandir itself.

    The name of girl father is Right but the name of girl is wrong(no one will believe such disgusting thing).

    And what about the signature of Bride and Groom , they are also fake this means a criminal case be registered against Arya Samaj Mandir .

    Indian courts have also accepted the Arya Samaj Mandir certificates as a proof of Marriage and these men and women are using it for personal gain.

    Arya Samaj Mandir must launch a case against the couple it is demeaning the history of Arya Samaj.

  5. BlackRose says:

    About Manizhe you are so right ! Yesterday in Times of India I read that she has claimed to be half Turkish half Indian !!!! and plz go through this article:

    Well she is Iranian (Persian) 100% and the signature she has on the marriage certificate which is published here is a typical Iranian signature !! Bottom of the line the certificate is true and I agree with you that she must have wanted to get paper married to Lalit so that she could stay in India and get a work permit without hassle but she didn’t know what she is getting into.
    Unfortunately she didn’t have the basic intelligence to come up with some better answer and she told the reporters that her name is not Manizhe Karimi but Mandana Karimi. Especially if you have gone through the link which I have mentioned here, then you definitely understand what I mean. This lady is really confused and doesn’t know how to handle the reporters. I believe she should have admitted that she is married to him and not making these foolish statements. Well hopefully she will learn soon and I wish her all the best ! 🙂

  6. SB says:

    Agree with Fashioninquisitive. Enough has been written and speculated about this, so time we stopped judging the couple’s actions and leave them alone. If they are meant to be together, good for them! Else let them enjoy whatever life has to offer them.

  7. SD Singh says:

    What they do is their personal matter but what we(individuals and media) are doing is not acceptable.

    How many girls in India will accept a boy who has publicly confessed that he is homosexual , by that mean what Karimi has done is really special and similarly if Lalit wants his girl to live in India and work then what is the problem of society.

    Sexual orientation of any man/woman is a personal choice similarly marriage is a personal decision and if they have done it for any reason why others are raising questions on it.

    This is love if Karimi can accept Lalit then to make sure that Karimi can live in India he married her and their is nothing wrong in it, leave them alone .

  8. Denisha says:

    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll crtaienly make note of that.

  9. maji says:

    Where has God_shareef disappeared? Miss his comments.

  10. Etios says:

    From whatever we can see till now in Bigg Boss, Mandana/Manizhe karimi looks very clever and manipulative and she surely knows the ways to move up in the glamour world, from modelling to movies and Bigg Boss 🙂

  11. whatever says:

    this 2011 article you are showing us on the 1st page. Okayy got it, she is the same girl who is in BB9.

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