Pants as Bridal Wear? Well Oscar Renta thinks so!

Never ever in my wildest of dreams had I imagined a bride walking down the aisle in pants. But then fashion is shocking. Isn’t it?

Designer Oscar de la Renta showcased his Bridal 2012 collection at the New York Bridal Week 2012 and among array of glorious gowns, Renta presented a bridal ensemble comprising skinny pants, a sheer tunic and a fur stole. In fact the ensemble looks classy and gorgeous and I guess would be a great hit with those dreading stepping in to those voluminous gowns.

Now since we talking about Bridal Wear, what can be more newsy than the Royal Wedding on April 29th. Kate Middleton is reportedly wearing a wedding dress designed by a rather unheard of English Designer – Sophie Cranston of the Libélula label. In fact Kate wore a much-talked-about, vintage-inspired, Libélula black velvet dress coat with a diamante clasp for a friend’s wedding in Yorkshire this January. So all those speculation about McQueen Wedding Dress now goes off in thin air!

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