Kate Middleton In Bikini Showing Baby Bump

Kate_middleton_babymoonIt’s been nearly three months since Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was announced, but the Duchess refuses to show more than a couple of pounds of baby bump. Kate and Prince William are in Mustique with the Middleton family, where they’re enjoying sun and sand before returning to London—and to their royal duties. She and Wills went all out, renting a private villa next to Kate’s family.

Kate_middleton_bikiniWe have to point out that Kate’s baby bump is what the rest of humanity call a ‘food baby’, which is a tiny bump one gets after feasting during the holidays. Kate will not be one of the famous moms who gains 90lbs while pregnant—she is probably still a size 2 or 4! After her scary hospital trip, Kate is healthy and good spirits, and reportedly  joked about how the pregnancy is making her butt bigger, but . . . she feels sexy!

Kate_middleton_bikini_mustiqueThe two – Kate and Will played on the beach in matching royal blue colored swim wear. One witness in Mustique said, “They’re inseparable! William joined Kate for an early morning swim; they were touching and kissing in the waves. When they came out of the water, he got down on his knees in front of Kate and kissed her baby bump.” It sounds like they’re really a normal couple!



2 Replies to “Kate Middleton In Bikini Showing Baby Bump”

  1. Merlot says:

    … oh please, I’m sick of this horse and pony show. She’s the bigger idiot. All she’s capable of is a consistent salon regime. Londoners hate her. The Queen hates her.
    Cannot wait for one of her ( hair ) extensions or ( dental ) veneers to fall off publicly.

  2. M says:

    so much brohaha over her baby “bump” ..its hardly a bump ..looks like she finally has had someting to eat !

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