Alia Bhatt Yet Again Flashes

AliaBhatt04_knicker flashAliaBhatt08_knicker flashThe young actress – Alia Bhatt yet again flashed her knicker at a Shaandaar promo event. The babe got to be careful to attend press-conferences in short dresses when she knows there would be lot of cameras and god knows. which camera would catch her in an embarrassing shot.

Alia_ShaandaarIf Alia loves short-dresses then she should practice sitting the ‘queen style’ that doesn’t allow a sneak-peek of her knicker. Doing a bikini scene in Shaandaar is okay but accidentally flashing knickers at film-promo is embarrassing!


15 Replies to “Alia Bhatt Yet Again Flashes”

  1. bon says:

    haha poor Alia. Is she and Sid dating for real?

  2. Sara says:

    Nah..Sid is Karan Johar’s Boy toy / toy boy!!

  3. jia says:

    jack does sonam kapoor have stylist for her like other celebrity ?when i see her interview i feel like she is too snoobish and arrogant i notice like she mostly put vintage style clothes there is no variety in her dressing sense and call herself im a fashion icon in koffee with karan.Is she really full of herself in real life ?I dont like her Personality.

  4. jack says:

    Yeah Sonam has her sis – Rhea Kapoor as her stylist. She is a total ‘brand slut’

  5. Colossial says:

    Jack I want to ask you something. Does Sonam Kapoor literally hates Deepika as per the blind or it is PRDP promotion using Deepika’s name?

  6. jack says:

    Whose ‘Blind Item’ is this??? It is so obvious…Sonam-Deepika hatred. The reason is based upon Katrina Kaif being Sonam’s bff. Kat can’t stand Dips and the world knows about it.So naturally the bff-Sonam hates Dips.
    Is this Masand’s blind item? Come-on, I have zero influence in B-town sitting in Delhi but this gossip as a blind one is tch-tch

  7. bon says:

    sonam has never admitted to Katrina being her bff. Is it true Sonam dated Ranbir? It’s like Ranbir has practically dated everyone.

  8. GG says:

    Well Masands blinds are always obvious and downright boring just like his interviews. That’s the reason we come here for authentic information.

  9. jack says:

    Come on this small things don’t need public admittance and I check twice before stating any fact.
    But sure you may disagree

  10. nefarious says:

    Jack, funny how Kat stole Deepikas Bf and yet shes the one who cant stand Deepika. whereas i expect more animosity from Deepika towards Kat. Also, Deeps and Sonam were friends once upon a time no? Plus both Arjun and Ranveer ( related to Sonam) love Deeps. So what went wrong?

  11. GG says:

    I think when someone poaches on other people’s bfs/gfs they also suffer from insecurity because they know what they did can be happen to them given that the person who they targeted was weak enough to succumb. Also there are plenty of reasons why Deepika can make other actresses insecure. she is at the top of her game right now and even Ranbir is banking on her star power for tamasha. I am no fan of any of them but she seems to be current reigning queen.

  12. bon says:

    Well Ranbir did step out on Katrina many times too. There was a blind item ages ago when Deepika was newly single and it clearly hints how Ranbir and she got ‘close’ at a filmi wedding in Goa. But he went back to Kat. Hope someone makes a movie based on their real life drama because it is far more interesting than what goes on screen. Kat – can’t act to save her life. Deepika – good actress but no where near great like Tabu and Kangs. Ranbir – talented and d*** issues since way back when….

  13. Nefarious says:

    I wpnder if has an iota of regret abt letting Deepika go. anyone know?

  14. MM says:

    Has anyone read Katrina’s interview recently on GQ? Seems like plenty of confessions there…and you can clearly see her insecurity and dislike when it comes to RK working with Deeps. She’s also made some comments on ‘cheaters’, etc. As someone rightly commented on another site – Karma is a bitch – what goes around comes around.

  15. nefarious says:

    @MM, i also asked Jack about the Kat- Ranbir relationship status, but he hasnt reverted :/

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