PZ’s Belly-Bulge & Shraddha Kapoor’s Knicker-Flash

ShraddhaKapoor_Knicker FlashLatest Bollywood entrant and star-daughter, Shraddha Kapoor recently had a fashion faux-pas moment. At a function, Shraddha wore a black sequined short dress and flesh-toned knickers. Couldn’t really understand the colour choice for the underwear. Wouldn’t black been the apt colour??? Anyway wearing contrast colour panty was a hidden fashion blunder on Shraddha Kapoor’s part but flashing them while sitting definitely was a blatant fashion faux-pas. I fail to understand why can’t they sit ‘propah’ while wearing a short dress.

Preity Zinta_Belly BulgeMy dearest Preity Zinta has been busy with IPL and is judiciously present at all the King’s XI Punjab’s matches. She relegiously dons custom-made Kings XI logoed tops and salwar-kameezs. But at one of the recent matches I discovered that PZ has let her belly grow. Must be relieved after PVR agreed to distribute her Ishq In Paris, Preity must be indulging in Punjab’s butter-chicken and dal-makhani. In the picture here PZ’s belly-bulge is very prominent. Poor girl wasn’t aware of the camera on her or else she would had taken a deep breath and sucked in her tummy.

5 Replies to “PZ’s Belly-Bulge & Shraddha Kapoor’s Knicker-Flash”

  1. C.C says:

    looks like spanx to me!!

  2. Sang says:

    I really wonder sometimes…… Are in LOVEEEE with Ms. Zinta?? #justasking LOL :p 😉

  3. Sang says:

    * Are YOU…..
    Oopss Typo mistake..

  4. Sangma says:

    Me thinks she was trying to look pregnant. During every IPL we get to see such suggestive signals, she continues to associate in IPL with an ex who has no plans to marry and who had told her that back in 2007. Just because he is single does not mean he is available or will yield.What’s worse is Preity had no compatibility with him on any count but yet out of greed and obstinacy she continues to waste years and opportunities. If u tell her she had gr8 chemistry with yuvi or brett or saif she’ll try to disprove it all, and start fighting with saying u don’t know, wait and watch….oookkkk mere baap ka kya jata hai!. keep waiting then. rekha is waiting at 60.

  5. Desie says:

    Preity – still a beautiful woman. Shraddha – that’s spanx

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