Is Preity Zinta This DESPERATE?

Loads of people accuse Preity Zinta of paying media and scribes to get written about. She is also accused of having created fake Twitter accounts to show them as her followers. I did not pay much attention to those allegations until a loyal reader of who goes by the name – Goodsamaritan sent me this info. Thanks mate!

This is unedited version of what Goodsamaritan wrote to

With no films to promote it is a big question why all of a sudden Preity Zinta had to go to Venice Film Festival under the garb of some really weird award. Have never heard of anyone else going there…Just look at this weird guy in the video and where it is shot….looks like his study room.

Looks like some DECOY. Wonder what Preity Zinta is upto…She seems to be on a decoy totally. Weird videos. Gentlemen who are fleeing her need to be extra cautious. Please go home under the umbrella of the parents. No drinks, no nothing out of the house…when women like this are on the prowl. Extra caution needed when such people say something and do something entirely opposite.

Folks after watching the Videos I am sure it’s some weird Film Festival PZ is tom-tomming about. Have a look and have a hearty laugh at Zinta’s desperate measures!

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  1. Raveena says:

    This weird frienship and reconciliation award drama is to justify her obsessive urge to keep friends with married men or even ex boyfriends who wud have moved on so she can at the first best opportunity cause discord in their life or poach on them. Read recently about her trying to befriend Kareena on one hand and floating Salaam Namste and Kya Kehna intimate videos with Saif reminding him of the days when they had it going, hoping it will disrupt their relationship. Different story that unlike the Suchitra story that ended sadly, Saif has confided in his lady love about those dirty acts she used to lure him into and nothing she does will impact Saifina relation.

  2. essence says:

    Frankly no one stops anyone from the kind of life they want to lead. Preity Zinta can bed with who she likes, for money as a hi or low profile escort or just for fun or for any other reason but this “dudh ki dhuli” innocent picture sounds reellly obnoxious. It is quite irritating to see all those extreme deltas between what she says and what she does. She was caught intimately with a married man recently in June 2011 as she shamelessly yells she will never go out with a married man.

  3. pillowtalk says:

    Why the heck has she floated this obvious dopey video or the fart of Venice using old stock pics? She wants people to believe that she is in rehab – a decoy – so she is dismissed as an addict when in reality she has shown many people by now that she continues cooking conspiracies in that dirty dysfunctional brain whether they yield her anything or not but she loves to cause disruptions in the cover of her fighter go getter attitude. Some people are beyond redemption. !! It’s a different issue that in the end she only loses and gains nothing. Look at the Ash – Heroine, Ladies Gentlemen case. Scribes have confirmed her shoving Ash hard, through all planted media articles and then claiming she is friend. She lost both- the friend Ash-Abhi and was never even remotely considered as an Ash replacement for either of the movies. She thinks things can be influenced by media pressure. As for the Saifina case – all know Saif cares a damn about her, but she desperately tried to disturb Bebo and Saif’s relationship by continuing to float those intimate videos on Salaam Namaste and Kya Kehna reminding him of the times when they had it going and trying to arm twist him and irritate his girl. Again here she fell flat hard – the two bonded better in the effort to deal with her. No wonder every few weeks she gets someone to write and then plant articles on why married or committed men should keep relationships with their ex girlfriends . Same way she plants articles on how great the IPL model is and that she will never sell; thinks people are plain stupid and they will take some random media articles or listen to a fugitive Modi and get influenced. All her witchcraft backfires on her… She fought so hard to get back into IPL taking loans from Sallu & Modi etc with ulterior motives and now it will remain a permanent noose in her neck! All know she fought hard to get into Amrohi’s will by all wrong means trying to get him to fight his family, she got nothing in return and only became exposed as a gold digga and attempting to defraud him. Wasn’t surprising to hear Salman her best friend call her kamini (Rascal) and khurrat(Devil). She overshot her time everywhere so now many have recognized her from hair to toe nail and are constantly on the vigil.

  4. registerduser says:

    Jack I beg to strongly disagree with the title of your post that “She is Desperate” Dont you think this title is putting Zinta in a bechari state giving her an Escape route for all her wrongs. For someone who has been caught continuously conning, faking, defrauding, lying, playing dirty games this title is misleading. Madhuri, Kajol. Ash, all were much bigger Btown entities. Zinta is much lower in that scale be it acting skills or popularity. But they knew their time was up, they got REAL and found someone of their types who wud have them and moved on. Sush, Urmila, Tabu, who stayed single and had no films withdrew from the media scene. After being axed by BCCI who practically hated the Btown hores, even Shilpa learnt her lesson and reduced her IPL flirtations. Zinta just PARKS herself permanently and refuses to move on be it in films or IPL. As for personal life despite living a promiscous life looking at her nautankis of being single and loving it, or refusing all the past proven linkups, or drooling over committed and married men and saying she’s scared of talking to men to expect her to move on luks far fetched. It seems that marriage to some low profile guy does not fit into her hi profile line of “dirty business..”

  5. star says:

    It is not about just paying individual media scribes; some of these actors have annual media contracts with publications that carry articles they upload (from where anywhere on the globe) for their online or print versions verbatim without any cross check or validation of authenticity of content. Very cleverly they insert words like “sources say”, “insiders believe”, khaburu told as if someone from media is writing and by this way plant all kinds of stories -either self glorifying or false articles about others or articles to influence others. Scary how media becomes their mouthpiece to serve their corrupt personal agendas.

  6. Ness says:

    This is what happens when your biological clock is fast ticking towards a pause

  7. Bad says:

    Only PZ pays to media to write about her? Funny. Ask her friend SRK.

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