Preity Zinta Spotted @ Milan Fashion Week

Simrin_Manav_Preity_MilanPreity Zinta;Roberto CavalliPreity Zinta may be missing from Bollywood but was spotted at Milan Fashion Week last night. Is she going the ‘Sonam Kapoor’ way??? Well PZ was with Manav Gangwani, designer cum luxury biz (Infinite Luxury) entrepreneur at the Roberto Cavalli show.

Preity Zinta_ChicDressed in a jacket cinched at the waist over a slit-skirt, Preity Zinta looked chic. In the photograph that was taken outside Cavalli show the other girl with Manav Gangwani and Preity Zinta is Simrin Choudrie in a fur coat. The trio were heading for the Pucci show next.

So will it be ‘Fashionista in Milan’ by Preity Zinta after ‘Ishq in Paris’??? By the way what happened to ‘Ishq in Paris’? Any news about it guys???


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6 Replies to “Preity Zinta Spotted @ Milan Fashion Week”

  1. informer says:

    why don’t you watermark your pictures.. they are many online tool available for free

  2. urban lama says:

    Simrin Choudrie of secret millionaire fame??

  3. ayesha says:

    Her face looks very strange

  4. jack says:

    Yup! But hardly a secret…

  5. jack says:

    Yeah u r so right on that…

  6. shauna says:

    + everyone knows they have illegal money so have run away to London-cant come here or they will be arrested!

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