What Do You Think of Aishwarya’s Red-Carpet Outing in Cavalli?



Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was on the red carpet at Cannes for the Premier Show of a French Film and she opted for a gold Roberto Cavalli Gown for her outing.

AshwaryaCannes2.previewThe off-shoulder gown with a peak-a-boo style giving ample sight of the cleavage was definitely sexy. But did it do justice to Aishwarya’s body? I mean those matronly arms of Ash could have done better with some concealing.

photo 1Even all that texturisation and a convex seam on the gown at the belly area was not flattering for Aishwarya. All those detailing at the belly zone drew the onlookers gaze at that area, which definitely is not the area Aishwarya would want eyeballs to lock upon.

Her hubby, Abhishek Bachchan has not accompanied Aishwarya to Cannes. AB is busy promoting his Kabaddi League in which he owns the Jaipur Team.

19 Replies to “What Do You Think of Aishwarya’s Red-Carpet Outing in Cavalli?”

  1. sha says:

    I second that. I saw a picture of hers on NDTV where she is waving her hand. Those arm side bags …..yuck… also the gown draws attention to her belly

  2. buttercup says:

    Its bad and the first thing one notices s the belly… And her arms are flabby… Last thing she needs to do is wave or teapot pose… And she needs to do A different hairstyle.. Bored of it..
    Now the mirror blind seems true…

  3. anu says:

    clearly you guys are not a fan and neither am I, but me thinks she looks phenomenal!

  4. buttercup says:

    She does look nice considering she is not wearing her usual fare of maxis and heavy dresses chosen by maaa in laaaawww… But her arms are too much..
    But her face always has that caked look…too much makeup..
    But what do these ppl do in cannes? Just go n pose as brand ambassador of loreal??

  5. Laveena says:

    I agree with Anu, phenomenal! Rai is stunning, I forget what a beauty she is. She seems happy in her skin which is nice, it proffers through.

    Maybe it’s been a poor turnout, but so far I think the Hollywood and other international actresses pale against L’Oreal India – team of Ash, Sonam and Frieda. This by just being a little mindful of their look and dressing.

  6. sang says:

    she looks good face wise. tummy tuck blind article seems true and has done wonders for Aish. but why this OTT posing at the red carpet and i just dont want to mention how she shows off completely different personalities. she never look like this in India. saw her interview on a news channel where she confirmed that she has signed a Mani ratnam’s film & Sanjay Gupta’s film and whenever she announces a film at cannes that got shelved and same happened this time with Mani ratnam’s film.

    now i dont want to know from others why everyone call her Plastic. Though Sonam Kapoor is loud mouth but i prefer Sonam anyday.

  7. Aicha says:

    I think she looks great … flabby arms do not define a woman’s beauty. And frankly who dictates what looks good? we are conditioned to think that way because of impossible standards set by fashion magazines…. You look as good as you feel and clearly it looks like she feels great ……

  8. Suzy wangdo says:

    did she smoke some weed? all the posing is so buzzhead. midlife crisis much?

  9. Mia says:

    She is working that red carpet! Yes, arms not that perfect enough but sexuality is just oozing out of her. She’s sexy and she knows it.

  10. Anonymous please says:

    Side comment – Pr!a Katar!a Pur!’s Chanel perfume box clutch is so fake on her Instagram, my gawd! And she tags chanelofficial has she no shame…There are much better replicas out there too, I don’t get it, is she doing a joke?

  11. SS says:

    holy Sh#t.. she looks unbelievable! Man… thats some royal classy beauty we talking about. I had forgotten just how gorgeous she really is. She- post her prime.. is still giving katrina kaif – in her prime a serious run for her money. … I had forgotten just how beautiful she is! You had a fashion critic I guess- will notice arms and bellies a little more than us normal viewers, unless its just really conspicuous; so I get it.. but Ill be honest.. I did not even care to look at her arms and belly … that aura and that style.. she is classy and.. I’m not even a guy!

  12. ekpword says:

    Confidence is sexy. She’s working it!! I am no Aish fan but man, she knocks it for six this time!

    I agree with Aicha about the arms and body etc.

  13. Melody says:

    Hey, I’m not an Aish fan but she looks much better than the rest – I have seen a lot of Cannes pics.. In fact, in your pic above, she looks much better than the black & white lady in the background showing one half boob and one half leg. And don’t go into specifics – not many people have a perfect body. Look at most of our country men – 70% have pot-bellies – and we’re sitting here judging body parts of a mother…

  14. neha says:

    @suzy bang on.exactly my thoughts…why so much drama?

  15. tara says:

    Who is karan paul engaged to?

  16. jack says:

    Karan Paul is engaged to model Indrani Dasgupta!

  17. God_Shareef says:

    Hey Lakme Lugaai,
    Chopra ki Malaai

    These people can’t be changed.
    Even Boris BecKer tried this malaai during 2nd last private india visit where I was also invited.

    Me mum!!!

    Aapki mum mum God ShaReef
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Jisska kambaKhat muh bandh hi rehta hai.
    Chalo baba sone do.
    Bye bye…

  18. Call_me_whatever says:

    Talking about the designer whose ‘fakes’ have been mentioned above. I sometimes wonder what a terrible experience it must be like to work for some of these designers– I have heard stories of how badly some of them treat their staff. JACK, you must do an article– the Worst Fashion Employers. Atleast some to-be-employees/ freelancers like PR guys might get warned and saved of a lot of trouble.

  19. jack says:

    Hey pl give some leads on these fake designers n I assure you that I will expose them with no mercy

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