Aishwarya Rai’s Cummer is a Kamra. Gawd!

I don’t understand why media is swooning over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s red-carpet moment on the Opening Day at Cannes Film Festival 2011. Okay the one-shoulder Elie Saab gown was beautiful but didn’t look great on her. I think Ash looked like an ‘Auntie ji’! I guess she wore the gown that had a flaring out layer at the hip to kind of take away the attention from her derriere, which I think looked really big. Even the Cummer (Waist) is like a Kamra (Room). And what about the folds on the under-arm and sagging back??? She’s really become like those heavy and busty South Indian actresses. Salma Hayek post her pregnancy looked hot and Uma Thurman, who is much older than our Ash looked chic. 

Saif Ali Khan was royally ignored. As customary, even his name wasn’t announced as he walked down the red-carpet in a Tom Ford suit and not a single flash-bulb flashed. Really sad dude. I mean even Minissha Lamba dressed in a Gauri & Nainika gown had her paparazzi moment but Saif had none. I think Saif Ali should have done some preparation like hiring a high-flying publicist and stuff. Chivas Regal didn’t do any of it. I am sure the  paparazzi took him to be a waiter or a random escort as he hurriedly walked down the red-carpet, unrecognised.

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  1. monz says:

    Why does she have to look like those anorexic hollywood actresses? She looks just fine and fit. At least she’s not used botox and liposuction to reduce fat everywhere. If you can’t appreciate someone for the right reason, don’t criticize for the wrong one.

  2. Anthead says:

    In what alternative universe is this woman fat? Unless your eyes have been conditioned by Parisian ramps only, I think it’s delusional to say that she looks fat. That peplum gown style though is an eyesore – those waists look good on no one.

  3. damit says:

    she got it horribly wrong, but then thats what happens to you, if you hang out with Nita Lulla. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and a good representation of India, but does NOT dress well….

  4. Wow I had no idea about Saif!

    You have a point there, I liked her outfits, though she’s had the same silhouette running two days in a row. I find the hair distracting, but more than that it’s her upper body; the arms, the back, the neck.

    As a woman I can sort of sympathise with her, you can ruin the shape of your body through irregular, wrong and even excessive gym workouts. Even if Ash tones up, her physique is still beyond repair! Unless she religiously she sticks to a painful diet, cardio, yoga, pilates and tai chi routine, spa and miso therepy sessions like most of the other big Red Carpet celebrities.

  5. Seriously says:

    God I am shocked at the people who comment on her weight. Who the hell are you????? In what world do you live in???? Ash is a beautiful women of 37 years old. Do you really expect her to have a body like Anushka Sharma – a Twenty something? And you have the nerve to compare her to Penelope – who is of a different culture, with different genetic make up. Indian bodies are different. Ash is far from fat and flabby and whatever other nonsense you write about her weight. And just because she aint toothpick thin – doesn’t mean she aint beautiful. In all her glory — she’s an International Celeb, an extremely beautiful women who is representing your country. For her age, she looks bloody awesome.
    Dont get me wrong, it fine to comment about how she looks and what she wears, but not her weight. Thats just tacky, gross and rude.

  6. VPJ says:

    Whats wrong with her looks? I think we get too swayed by western body shapes.wealways like to show our celebs in poor light which i feel is only relative and relative to whom – the westerners…

    We need to move on from that biased mind set

  7. Stephen Lotha says:

    Aishwarya is a beautiful woman from any standards ( not my type though, i adore dusky girls more) but she needs a stylist on her speed dial considering the fact that this is not her first appearance at Cannes.

    That Ellie Saab couture wonder is commendable but i think its essential to read your body before getting in to it, i just feel that its making this gorgeous woman look thick as in blanket thick, her body is ok, she has got that face so good enough no??
    P.S. the Armani Prive was a life saver

  8. jack says:

    Yes Stephen you are absolutely right. Aishwary looked great in the Armani Prive gown!
    I received a lot of flak for mentioning that Ash looked bulky in the Elie Saab number though. Anyway, everyone has the right to express their opinion.

  9. Stephen Lotha says:

    true, respect to all, its very important as critic to be honest, judgement should never be based on emotional strings, Come on who are we fooling anyways.

  10. Jooce says:

    Ahem… All those raving about Her *Indian Booty, oops I mean beauty, should just shut up and listen up.
    A. There’s nothing wrong with the Indian genetic makeup, it’s the laziness and excessive/wrong/bad eating habits of Indian women that gives them extra layers to hide under the 9 yards of fabric. Look at other women who are almost her age – Malaika Arora(38), Mallika Sherawat (35), Bhagya Shree(40 something), Pooja Batra (36) I can go on & on…. I’m not hpjudging her body or body-type, I’m judging her choce of outfit. Why couldn’t she wear a sari sticking to the true Indian tradition..?
    B. You give actors anything for free they’ll wear it — without thinking much and a designer like Armani or Elie Saab give her freebies and she laps it up… And why not? Anyone would but after consulting their stylist! That’s the difference between Indian celebs and Hollywood celebs they don’t just grab stuff sent their way, they let a stylist choose stuff for them keeping their body type in mind.

    C. And darling, if you are in public eye, dressed up like an over-stuffed Christmas sock, you will attract comments, cost you pay for being a celebrity…

    I’m glad JD is doing what he is when the rest of the hour is are busy licking celebs backside he is one man who has the mettle to call a spade a spade – more power to him! Wish we had more people like him, I have nothing personal against Aish but hey, high time she learns to carry herself!

  11. jack says:

    Thanks JOOCE!

  12. haley says:

    Jack, you received a lot of flak because this post was posted on a very common celeb obsessed site. Traffic increased for you, but now start expecting the fanatics. lol

  13. fauz says:

    i couldnt agree with you more. She look stunning in one black outfit with red lips but on the first and second day she looked stuffed in her outfits not at all flattering, check out her blue and white gown where her boobs are popping out from whereever they can. i also heared she had huge tantrums as her helpers couldnt fit her into dresses. her arms look fat and her neck had huge wrinkles she didnt make it to the best dressed list any where but all bollywood sites are raving about her i am sure ash must have paid her PR to have them write all this amazing look shit. another fact that these people are jumping up and down because she is the international face of india. so obviously they wont see her as a fat cow they would call her perfect its nationalism,

    i feel sorry for saif bebo must be thinking of dating someone else now. 😛

  14. angelinajolie lover says:

    i think she looks stunning. i m not ash fan but she looks really elegant in that gown. and although i agree she has put on a bit of weight which really clouds her true potential as a beautiful women, i think she’s got a stunning face to pull of a bit of meat here and there.
    having sat that, if i was genetically blessed like her (with a stunning face), i would not take it for granted like she is. she really needs to tone up a bit but all in all she is a beautiful women, coming from a non-ash fan.

  15. Anon says:

    Fauz dear that is completely insensitive to call anyone a fat cow. You are obviously a man and you don’t understand. This Elie Saab dress was featured on international sites/magazines best dressed list. She was listed as one of the best dressed of 2011 so you are wrong when you say that it’s Indian media who are going gaga over the outfit and she paid her PR.Can you prove it?Btw it’s normal to go gaga over any one of her public appearances because as we all know she doesn’t make them too often.And I don’t think she’s fat. You know when you see fat and that’s not fat. And if you live in the U.S you have seen really fat people and this doesn’t even come close. I think she looks healthy. Would you want her to be Angelina Jolie’s size 5ft 7 & only 98 lbs? Get real people. Life is not a runway.

  16. Nabby says:

    I do not think that Ash looks as terrible as the article portrays her to be but I have to admit, that she is not the most flattering either, I think Minisha’s dress complimented her physique and Ash’s did not.

    And VPJ, noone is asking Ash to look like Anushka Sharma. However she can at least try to be bit more toned. And if it comes to age, then Shilpa Shetty who has not been acting in mainstream movies for quite a while now has maintained herself so well, and who also is of Ash’s age. I personally met Shilpa in Toronto when she came for IIFA last year and that woman has one rocking body! Heck! even Raveena Tandon looks so good who has not been in the limelight for quite sometime now. Please google, images Aishwarya perform with Abhishek and Amitabh and a picture should show up where she is wearing a white and silver ghagra choli with abhishek and amitabh bh her side and this was during a performance. You’ll see what stomach flab is. Noone is asking her look like Angelina Jolie and lose all the glow alongwith the weight. However, if you are a mainstream actress, you should make an effort to stay toned as much as possible.

  17. FashionWatcher says:

    Indian women have different genetic make-up from the west – a concept that is much debated on. Even within us women, we all have different metabolisms and varying genetic build. So I think it is unfair to compare Ash with Shilpa – they probably have entirely different body types. Some women gain weight with childbirth, and some remain the same.Some women have difficulty losing weight after delivery, some have it much easier. As for Ash, she capitalizes on her beautiful face (the eyes!) and not so much the body. I think it’s brave of her to proceed to Cannes in what is fat, in the fashion industry. However, she should have worn more flattering dresses. Her face is still gorgeous. She should focus on looking comfortable and still beautiful.

  18. Priya says:

    I find this site interesting but it sometimes gets out of hand when racism is considered…heavy and busty south actresses,sunandha being fair skinned lured south indian sashi,asin a southie should use deodorant etc…what is up with your uninformed prejudice against southies…i am a southie much fairer than sunandha a kashmiri,my family has many people who are way fairer than me…i have seen really fair people in my community and also darker people in the north…please shake your racism away…it is really unreasonable, come meet actual people and develop an opinion rather than sticking to a stereotype and making yourself sound like a fool…hema malini,aishwarya rai,sridevi,jayapradha,jayalalitha all of them are southies,are they dark or do you think southern men have never seen a fair lady in their life,don’t you sound stupid to yourself as well?
    You northies lust for all these heroines and then call southern women ugly,dark etc…must be due to a gap in your brain which breaks you understanding the correlation between these two….think and speak,stop stereotyping
    We have fools like you here as well but still try to change

  19. jack says:


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