Kareena Kapoor’s Dal-Tadka & Salman’s Enery Drink

It’s no hidden fact that Bollywood star, Kareena Kapoor is a big foodie. She loves Chinese and staple desi stuff. While shooting for Bodyguard with Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha at Marriott Courtyard in Pune, Kareena had a big problem with her Peeli Dal. She did not like the preparation and made it a point to communicate it to the Hotel’s GM. I was at audible range and this is what Kareena Kapoor said, “ Your chef can’t make Peeli-Dal. Tell him to mix the Pink Dal (Masoor Dal) with Yellow Dal (Moong Dal) to make the perfect Yellow Dal. In fact, when Chef is here, ask him to call and I’ll explain.”

I am not a foodie, nor do I know much about Dals but I checked it with known foodies and they all said that Kareena was absolutely right. They said that when the Pink-Masoor Dal is mixed with Yellow Moong Dal, the Dal turns out to be ‘karari’ (crispy, I guess). Just Moong Dal makes the Dal very soapy or soggy. I quiet get the point now. Wah Kareena! You should start a restaurant now.

Salman Khan when not shooting used to be at the Hotel Gym. Guess what Sallu Bhai sips at while sweating out at the gym? No it is not Gatorade; it’s Scotch Whiskey! Wah bhai wah!

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  1. Tab says:

    ab to kaaley ki jagah, pink lagne lagega … Jack_Da_Rip, no official fb page? albeit, following your tweets.

  2. gossipgirl says:

    Did you check the Masand gossip for this week. Its about Bobby Deol and his affair with a divorcee from the north.

    Who is the lady.?? Any idea.

  3. Jooce says:

    Looks like Kareena got her true Dilli Punjabi girl training! Thanks to didi ka sasural or her umpteen relatives in Delhi..?
    Woh kudi hee kya jo peeli daal na banana jaanti ho! Lol…
    And Sallu bhai whiskey piye ya rum, saanu ki? For a man his age his body is unreal! Now we know the secret, it’s all the scotch he sweats out in the gym that gives him his 6-pack bod 😉

  4. Brilliant, thanks, I will subscribe to you RSS soon!

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  6. B says:

    wasnt salman’s pic taken after the soccer/cricket match overseas? and they were all partying when it’s like…let’s all take a pic with our shirts off!

  7. Really good post. I think I have fell in love with Khan’s movies. Frankly, they are much better than Hollywood movies.

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