Ever Witnessed ‘Dancing Ovation’?

MG_suhel2Kangana@MGYou must have seen crowd applauding a show or a performance with a standing ovation but I doubt you have seen appreciation in form of a ‘dancing ovation‘. On the final day of the India Couture Week 2016, we witnessed Suhel Seth breaking into a impromptu dance at the end of the extravagant show of Manav Gangwani Couture. Sitting next to Seth was Robert Vadra. Vadra seemed amused and gulped a sip of water while watching Suhel move his hips. Here you can have a look of the ‘dancing ovation’: https://vimeo.com/176509120

Manav Gangwani had his off-site show at the Lodi Hotel and the Queen of B-Town – Kangana Ranaut walked the ramp in an elaborate and intricately embellished MG Couture.

28 Replies to “Ever Witnessed ‘Dancing Ovation’?”

  1. God_ShaReef says:

    Nothing but PR activity with drama.
    This always hyper dheela Seth…
    Koi movie bhi to nahi mili isse, after Guzaarish.
    Aaise log hi to phasaa dete hain, DEALS mein.
    Aur karaao innse LOBBYING.
    THIS time is it Manav.
    Haaye Ram, iss baar Manav ka number aa gaya kya?
    Cherians ki kasam.

    Aapka God_ShaReef.
    Kya aapke andar ki God, free mein koi land deal maang rahi hai.
    Better ask Vadra!!!

  2. Namdeo says:

    Omg god_shareef where have u been seeing u after such a long time !!! Any latest intimate gossips ??

  3. God_ShaReef says:

    Dear NamDeo
    It was my ‘me time’ to suck all the goss and now’s the time to vomit
    my right thigh is talkin’ to left one…
    how intimate naa…

    Enjoy all the sweat and fun.
    Del/Bom> both humids.

    Aapka God Shareef,
    Zyaada nukeelay kuttay waale daanton ke saath>>>>>

    only @ fashScan

    SuSu rokklo guys.
    Kabhi kabhi aaise bhi mazaa aata hai.
    kya gall hai bhai (punjabi).

    Kya aapke andar ki God, aapse intimate hai.
    Aapka God_ShaReef.

  4. Please tell us some gossips about bollywood??????

  5. Tina says:

    Jack please spill something about PC and SRK , there too much going these days and no noise at all. Very curious

  6. Namdeo says:

    hey god_shareef read tushar adopted a baby so is he finally out… also wassup with sid n alia r they actually dating or sid is with lohar.. howz d horny ranbi doing..

  7. God_ShaReef says:

    May be.
    God knows…..

    TUSHH will be followed by Rahul Joker and your kinki idhar udhar MuhMaaru Ranbu…

    Dear NamDeo
    Hope this sequential will satiate your KHUJJU KUTTI query?

    Sid ko thoda time do baba.
    Taaza bakra hai.
    Garam ummrr hai.
    Let him explore HIS SEXUALITY.
    Tujhe Karan Johar ki khasam…
    Oops KASAM!!!

    AAPKI God Shareef:
    Kya aapke andar ki god kisi SHAREEF GENELIA naam ki bakri ko dhoondh rahi hai?
    Lucky Riteish succumbed to (CM) family pisser oops PRESSURE.

  8. Namdeo says:

    Wah god_shareef Kya baat hai !! Ek baat Batao ranbu leta hai ya deta hai ?

  9. Alcie says:

    Thanks God_Shareef 😀 what are you implying about Ritesh? My hindi isn’t good. What’s going on with Deepika and Ranveer? Is it true that they are in an open relationship?

  10. God_ShaReef says:

    Reitesh’s wife Genelia is the SCAPEGOAT after the forced marriage inspite of hanki panki in between Tushh and Reitu.
    And RELATIONSHIP wise everyThing is open nowAdays including open holes, oops potholes in penis, i mean rainy rainy Mastani with thundery thundery BajiRao…

    You got it dear Alcie or i thunder you with a pothole???

    Is your soul is noble?
    Or potholed to RECOVERY!!!

    Yours God_shareef.
    Gauge your hole of risk

  11. God_ShaReef says:

    Warning for the Rainy season:
    Mausam mast hai,
    Undie tera chusst hai…

    So Baba
    Please please
    Gauge your hole of risk
    If you really a true fashScanian.

  12. Nupur S says:

    God_ShaReef– the only reason why the fashion frat might want to learn Hindi 🙂

  13. Alcie says:

    Genelia in a forced marriage? sigh… Why would she marry a gay guy? what’s this thundering and pothole talk all about.

  14. FK says:

    God_ShaReef.. you should start writing a parallel blog! even if it’s in your cryptic language.

  15. God_ShaReef says:

    Nupur S August 5, 2016 at 7:12 AM

    God_ShaReef– the only reason why the fashion frat might want to learn Hindi 


    Aiyyo Nupur,
    Ye sab haraami fashFart oops FRAT hindi mein hi moot tay hain.
    Suna karo innki workShops mein kaan lagaake…
    Master ji aur karigaron ki jab maa behn hoti hai naa, wo HINDI MEIN HI HOTI HAI.
    Gudda to mashHoor hai, ye sab mein.
    Manav GangWani ki kasam.
    Aurat roopi daayan Leena Seeng ki kasam.
    Buddhi slim si Rina Dhak’kan ki kasam.
    Bhansali mein ghusi Anju Chodi ki kasam.

    Baaki bachiKhuchi, Nupur teri kasam.

    Stay tuned for more khasams oops kasams…

    How these so called page3 party creatures crawls from one party to another, with invite or gateCrashing…
    Pann photu to bannta hai naa baba.
    Bas ek oppurtunity chaahiye???

    Aaj raat ke liye frat ko itni fart kaafi hai naa.

    Kya aapke andar ki God, hindi mein garr garrrrr karr rahi hai?

  16. Jenny says:


    Your sudden reappearance has brought phantom readers like me out of our shells. Very happy to see you back. Dil se Khushi hui.

    Any scoop on PC & SRK??

    Or HR & Kangana? Why is Suzanne so attached to Duggs after their divorce? What’s the real deal?

    Ritesh & Tushar story, I knew.. But what about Pappu/ RaGa?? Is there any truth to that? What’s with his frequent rehab visits? Is it true that Meth has a certain role to play?


  17. Vml says:

    God_ShaReef, very happy to see you back!!! I agree with FK. You should start your own blog and fill us in with all the fashion and b-town dope in your poetic style 🙂

    Also, Jack/God-ShaReef, please spill some beans on SRK-PC. Too many blinds hinting at them off late.

  18. Alcie says:

    God_shareef, what’s the deal with Vaani and Aditya? Is there any truth to the rumours? There are way too many blinds recently. Please spill the beans! 😀

  19. Nupur S says:


  20. Nisha says:

    Please clarify on the rumours between srk pc…seems all journalists are scared of saying something about them…high time they come out and accept the truth…what about dp and rs??dp seems tad too much disturbed, distracted and insecure these days…

  21. nefarious says:

    Only God Shareef can throw some light on all your queries Nisha. Waiting for GS to reply.

  22. God_ShaReef says:

    Hey guys
    For once and for all:
    There’s nothing inBetWeen SRK and Piggy Chhopaa.
    She chopped all kind of muffins here in the BollyWood and now slurping all foreign bananas.

    She has immersed herSelf in her foreign assignments.
    Yehan kaun ussko first leads de raha tha.
    Mastani ke neeche kya mazaa…
    And then what else she could have given more after BARFI.
    INDIAN cinema mein Piggy Talento jaisa, kitti baar aaisa, women oriented role lay paata hai.
    And when she’s been glowing there in hollyWood like an indian star in the west.
    She’s been there darling too.
    Idhar to baba, ek heroine ka life 10 years hi hota hai…
    Yash hai nahi. RituParno chala gaya. Bhansali ussko de diya jo dena tha.
    FULL STOP!!!

    Aur kya bacha hai ab SRK mein.
    All those sagging craters behind his ek se ek glasses.
    Ab to zamaana hai tight tight Flying Jatts and Tigers ka.
    Latke hue maal ko kaun poochta hai.
    After a point, money doesn’t make any sense…
    Chhod do inn dono doobe hue sitaaron ki charcha.

    Tu to bas ye pataa laga kay SAARE KARAM KAAND karrne ke baad,
    Ye RanddBoo, dobara Katy Katy kyu karr raha hai.
    Waise ab Katy bhi pichkaa maal ho gaya…
    BOOM BOOM ki kasam.
    You dont believe me than better ask Gulshan GroVerr.
    Kya zamaanaa tha.
    Tight Tight!!!

    Kya aapke andar ki God bhi aaj kahin tight tight ho rahi hai???

    Aapki pichhki hui, raddhi maal naalaayak, God Shareef!!!

  23. nefarious says:

    Thank you GodShareef! altho there are way to many blinds hinting at PC and SRk, maybe to just be in the news. Ranboo toh ayan ke saath khush nai hai kya? Katy Katy nai chilla raha, agar aisa hota toh Kayty kal hi us se shaadi kar le. Maybe to create buzz around Jagga Jasoos.PR driven exercise to stay in the news

  24. Vml says:

    Thanks for clarifying, God_ShaReef. Although like nefarious said there were too many blinds hinting at PC-SRK recently. Who’s PR is that and who gains from it? You are correct. PC should have fun in hollywood instead of chasing oldie SRK and yes, money doesn’t make sense after a point. Anyway, RanddBoo dobara Katy Katy kyu kar raha hai?

  25. Jenny says:

    Nupur S- meth-= ice= methamphetamine

  26. Finally Sophie is getting married.. Details please Jack??

  27. Shocked says:

    I came here due to a reference on Pinkvilla. I am shocked to read a lot of things here about Bollywood. I wonder if all this is true. Especially this comment section.. or things mentioned over there..
    @God Shareef sir I wonder how to understand your comments.. it’s confusing to me.. especially here.. didnt DP and few others claim they are virgins till marriage? What is a open relationship? Emotional one with just smooching or something.. this is so scary if it’s something else.. do they lie to public so openly and daringly.. I wonder..

  28. Shocked says:

    @God Shareef sir Am not sure what’s pichkaa maal and I couldn’t comprehend much of the lines in your comments. I don’t know good Hindi although I can understand and watch Hindi movies… This whole thing looks depressingly scary if we read it a couple of times with our limited Hindi skills.. ?

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