Raf Simon Joins Calvin Klein. WTF!

raf-simons-ckThe 8.2 Billion Dollar brand, Calvin Klein announced via Instagram and Facebook that Raf Simons is their new Chief Creative Officer (CCO) and he will release his first collection for them during February’s Fall 2017 shows. As Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer, Simons, who left Dior last October, will not only design mens and womens runway collections but will also take control of divisions that were previously run separately from runway. Simons will also oversee design for the brand’s denim, underwear and home collections, and its marketing and advertising departments will report to him as well.

Raf Simons_Final Dior ShowThough rumors were rife about Simons joining CK, personally I doubted it. After quitting Christian Dior last October Raf Simons in an interview to Cathy Horyn said, “The only thing I know is that (fashion) used to be elitist. And I don’t know if one should be ashamed or not to admit that maybe it was nicer when it was more elitist, not for everybody. Now high fashion is for everybody.” He quit Dior because fashion had become too fast-paced and that the pressure and rigmarole of creating a collection every two months was simply too much. Is Simons truly an elitist? It is unlikely – of all the positions he could have taken, Calvin Klein is arguably the least steeped in old-world fashion elitism, Probably the money offered by Calvin Klein was too good to refuse!

28789-1Only other logic I see in why Raf Simons took up the job as the CCO at Calvin Klein is his obsession for youth culture. There are few, fashion houses better placed than Calvin Klein to provide Simons with the platform to connect to today’s youth.



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  1. Laveena says:

    I take it you being sensationalist stems from your sarcastic sense of humour because definitely not WTF 🙂 For most know it’s a great marriage, Calvin Klein’s brand DNA is minimalism, Raf Simons showed exceptional work at Jil Sander, also known for minimalism. Raf is a great designer, Dior’s ultra feminine designs steeped in tradition was a bit of an awkward fit for for Raf’s street inspired approach.

    Brands can be mass and elite. Francesco Costa showed elitist work at Calvin Klein, propelling the brand’s image even further. Raf has some big shoes to fill, because Costa’s vision was always amazingly good, he rarely ever disappointed and his creations were at times fascinating. It’s exciting to see which direction designer Raf Simon will take for Calvin Klein.

    Now waiting to see if Elbaz is appointed at Oscar de la Renta. Although he should have been inducted at Dior. That would have been a match made in heaven.

  2. jack says:

    Laveena always respect your comments. WTF wasn’t to sensationalize. I have a weakness for Belgian designers and their minimalistic look. I was surprised by the humongous work load he was taking on at Klein, which was contrary to what he spoke about fast fashion with Cathy Horyn for the interview in System.
    I was expecting Simons to carry on with his eponymous label longer before taking on an assignment…
    True, looking forward to what Raf Simons will do for CK in coming Feb.

  3. Laveena says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for clarifying. Guess I understand your view now, the whole deal about the work load. I think having so much creative control must be enticing besides the money offered, CK will be Raf’s playground.

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