A Paris court pronounced John Galliano guilty of making anti-Semitic slurs. The designer won’t serve jail time and has been given a suspended sentence of 10,000 Euro in fines. However there are some discrepancies on the quantum of the verdict. Womens Wear Daily (WWD) reports that Galliano has been slammed a fine of 17,500 Euros, while BBC is reporting it to be only 10,000 Euros. 

John Galliano was absent from the proceedings, and according to GQ, who has been  Tweeting live from the hearing, Galliano has to pay the fine “Only if [he] starts up with the slander again.” A report on NY1 confirms that Galliano will not have to pay the fine unless he repeats his crime within the next five years. Seems Galliano got off easy!

All victims said that they do not believe that Galliano is truly anti-Semitic or racist. Galliano’s lawyer said his client will continue to seek treatment for his addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Galliano stood trial on June 22 on charges of “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” that took place on two separate occasions last February at a Paris cafe, La Perle–charges that cost Galliano his job as creative director at Dior. During the trial the designer said that he had no recollection of making any antiSemitic or racist slurs but after watching the infamous “I love Hitler” viral video Galliano apologized “for all the sadness this affair has caused.” He also admitted he was suffering from a “triple addiction.”

So the story of John Galliano’s downfall finally comes to end. As he continues to seek treatment, hopefully he can restore his image, get clean, and go back to doing what he does best–making beautiful clothes.

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