Steven Meisel Screwed-Up Big Time

Iconic Fashion Photographer Steven Meisel screwed-up big time. 

The Editorial titled ‘Transformers’ shot by Meisel for W Magazine’s September 2011 issue is identical to what he shot for August 2011 issue of Vogue Italia using model Raquel Zimmermann. It was only last week that staffers at W Magazine discovered that Meisel shot a nearly identical concept for the August Italian Vogue. Meisel did not inform them of this.

To make matters worse, this wasn’t something that could be swept under the carpet: Meisel’s portfolio was Italian Vogue’s cover story. As per reports some W insiders believe Meisel may have financed the Italian Vogue photo-shoot on their (W’s) expense.

The fallout will be worth watching. If it damages W’s relationship with Steven Meisel, Stefano Tonchi Editor-in-Chief of will lose out on a big-name photographer he’s craved for the magazine. If Tonchi doesn’t act, it will demonstrate the lengths a fashion magazine editor will go to appease a photographer who holds considerable influence in the industry.


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  1. dumb says:

    there is not much in common with the spreads… this is just gossip bs

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