Galliano is Back With A Bang

0112MARGIELASHOW-slide-T04U-jumboJohnGallianoJohn Galliano presented his debut collection for Martin Margiela as its Creative Director in London yesterday. Earlier it was announced that Galliano will make his comeback with Margiela at the forthcoming Paris Couture Week but for some reasons Maison Margiela decided to have the show in London. The collection will be shown at the Paris Couture Week too.

Margiela-Galliano2Margiela-Galliano3Undoubtedly the expectations were very high from John Galliano making his return to the fashion scene after a long hiatus. His debut collection for Martin Margiela was great and Galliano kind of lived up to the expectations. He stuck to some Margiela ‘norms’ like covering the faces of the models with red tulle and some devilish masks.

Margiela_galliano3Margiela-Galliano1John Galliano’s signature bold and unapologetic style was evident in his debut collection for Martin Margiela like the exaggerated cuffs on the swing coat, rubberized leggings and shoes shaped like hoofs. Interestingly there were some uncomplicated and wearable pieces like cargo jacket worn inside out and turtle neck vest-jacket. All in all the ‘artisanal’ Martin Margiela collection by John Galliano was great and make us wanting more from the enfant terrible of Couture!

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  1. Laveena says:

    Thank heavens! It was about about time. Just with his comeback collection alone, Galliano has breathed life into fashion. No hyperbole there, things were getting dull..

    Can’t shut down pure talent..even the seemingly simple pieces burst with boundless creative insight. What we got now is just a taste of what’s to come; no expectations for the future, but it’s just JOHN to evolve and grow in creative expression.

    For us eternal students of dressmaking and design, we need a genius and master like John Galliano to inspire us and make us dream of infinite possibilities in defining a vision that encompasses multilayered techniques while touching upon innumerable finer nuances. Please understand I am not talking about copying, (those who rip off others are simply not trained or creative in the first place), but pure inspiration that reminds you to push yourself in broadening your knowledge and skill.

    Sorry for my bad English and all the cliches. I don’t know how to express how I feel, I know many have cried seeing this collection.

    At times you get the impression that John wanted to do more, but had to restrain himself due to budget constraints in spite of this being a couture collection.

  2. AZA says:

    hey jack, was wondering if you do posts on how the designers treat their clients after taking advance money from them and keep them hanging till the last minute of their events just to spite them. We recently had a ram leela with such a designer and her Operations head after paying shit load of money for our wedding clothes.

  3. jack says:

    yes if you have some documentary proof

  4. AZA says:

    Guess we are at a disadvantage then, nevertheless thank you for the support.

  5. jack says:

    Not at all.
    pls provide me with the details and I will look into it.

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